SWO Paintball Team Bios

Here's some info on the individuals who may or may not be shooting paint at each other in the near future.


Mike's writing this stuff so he of course gets to be first. Mike tends to move slow (he calls it "stalking") so he needs more camoflauge than the younger, faster guys. While not afraid to take point when necessary he's just as comfortable in a nice hide site. Mike uses a Tippman '98 Custom with an expansion chamber and drop-forward, a red-dot sight and a 32 Degrees Terminator 14" barrel. Just as in duct-tape, there's no such thing as too much camo-tape.


Matt's one of the few pretty much to blame for this whole "SWO Paintball" thing. He and Phil dreamt the whole thing up while flinging themselves down a mountain biking trail in some sort of near-death experience, I'm sure. Matt's scoured eBay for several nice extra setups for those of us who don't yet own their own. His favorite weapon of choice is a Tippman '98 with an expansion chamber, drop-forward, red-dot sight, power-feed and some contraption of copper tubing and elbows to get it up and over his line of sight. He's forever changing his barrels but has been known to use both the Flatline and an All American.


Due to his student budget, Shawn began with a PMI Tracer. This Marker was quickly upgraded with a "Smart Parts All American" barrel and an "ADCO Sure Shot" red-dot sight, then adorned with visual modifications and camo tape, creating one very cool looking (and quite accurate) Tracer. Showing patience and an uncanny ability to blend into his surroundings when needed, he quickly gained a reputation as the "stealthy pump master". Shawn has also been known to set himself up as bait, or begin an exchange of paint that nearly guarantees his elimination, in order to get a game started. Having recently upgraded to semi-auto capability with .68 Carbine which has already begun a series of modifications. Shawn now finds himself "firepower equalized" with the remaining SWO members.


"Ghillie Suit" Gary is one of the most difficult guys to find when we all venture into the woods. His ambush sites are legendary. While the suit itself is pretty unconventional, the effect of losing him against the terrain is undeniable. Gary is currently using a 98 Custom with Flatline.


Now that Paintball fever has hit fully, Phil decided to go and upgrade his gear for the 2003 season. The 98 has been mostly retired for Rev war or Civil War, and to those that need a set when we play. A new A-5 with Flatline, Reactive Trigger, and Reddot, and Remote rig is the new toy of choice this season. Phil is pleased to see that this paintball group is growing, the grand total for the June 7th game was 14 trigger happy bodies, and several new games were tried and enjoyed by all. Stealthy approaches and now maximum firepower is his prefered mode of operation. See you on the field.


David would be the young'un of the group. In fact, he is a mere shadow of the rest of the guys. However, being about as wide as an aspen tree, David can find cover is just about any situation. Using his quickness and maneuverability, David slowly stalks his women...er, prey, with his Tippmann '98 Custom (and now you see why he is single). Equipped with a 16" Thunder Pig Whisper barrel, David hopes to soon add a red-dot sight and a power feed.


Adam "The Assassin" burst onto the SWO paintball field in June, and quickly earned the reputation for taking those long tricky shots through heavy cover to get many eliminations. He is still deciding on what gear suits him best, so his play style changes from game to game.


Resident mechanical engineer.




Just when you least expect it... SPLAT!


Look out! Evil is a-foot!


Hand me a cookie.