SWO Paintball Basic Rules

  • Masks will be properly worn at all times when on the field.
  • Barrel plugs will be used at all times when off the field (except when chrono'ing).
  • You will be chrono'd at around 280 fps, and definitely no higher than 290fps. You should re-chrono after switching air tanks.
  • Check yourself for a break if you are hit during play and ask for a paint check if necessary. If you call yourself hit without a break, you're still out.
  • When hit, shout "Hit!" loud enough for those in your vicinity to clearly hear you, raise your marker in the air pointing upwards, and make your way off the field keeping your marker in the air.
  • Ask your opponent to surrender if you are about to shoot them at close range (within 10 feet or so) - then shoot only if they refuse. There is less shame in surrendering than there is pain from getting hit from 10 feet away.
  • Marker hits don't count. Head hits do (unless the game says otherwise, like in El Presidente).
  • If you go out-of-bounds, you're out of the game. Hits made by anyone out-of-bounds do not count.
  • If you pack it in, pack it out. We almost always play on public land or in national forest areas, so no littering and be respectful of the land and other people using it.
  • Purposeful violation of these rules will result in you being asked to leave.
  • There's no crying in baseball.

Picking Teams

The method we've found for picking teams that works best for us is to basically draw sides from a hat.

Put a number of different colored paintballs into a hat, each color representing the different sides (2 or more) then pass the hat around. If you picked blue, you're on the blue team, white and you're on the white team, etc.

If necessary, give the paint back to whomever supplied it (most often we just drop it in our own hoppers).

Team Variations

Some games call for volunteers, like Rabbit or Downed Pilot which require only one person for a specific role. The same is true for games which require medics.

Some games, like Normandy, will require that all of the markers with higher rates of fire (like A5's or electro guns) be assigned to a specific team. You may be asked if you would like to switch markers with another player in games like this.

Other Items of Note

  • We ask that any radios brought to use in play use the FRS band of FCC allocated channels. Channels will be determined before play begins and assigned to teams.
  • If you bring thousands of dollars worth of equipment, expect to be shot in the butt by a pump-gun. All day long.