SWO Paintball, the Team

For the purposes of paintball it's probably easiest to describe this group of folks as what we aren't as opposed to what we are, just to clear up any misconceptions right away. We are not a tournament team nor are we speedballers and most of us have no desire or aspirations of becoming either. We play rec-ball or woods-ball, whatever you want to call it, because we find it the most fun and entertaining. As a group, we're into all the military, para-military and spec-ops stuff having long been fascinated with it and those organizations and operations. In a nutshell, we're just big kids who have always enjoyed a good game of cowboys and indians (or whatever the politically correct are calling it nowadays).

Most of us have been pretty good friends for quite some time and have been doing stuff like this for as long as we can remember. Before paintball was ever even really played anywhere we would do this same stuff with fireworks while driving around in cars and in remote locations - with no protective gear. In retrospect, paintball is probably by far the safest thing we've ever done - which is easy to say after nailing big multiple-launch rocket packs to planks and firing blindly at each other hiding in rocks and behind railroad trestles.


We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Colorado and have a huge amount of national forest, with an incredible variety of terrain, in which to tape out a perimiter and play in. This means that we generally don't have to worry about any ranchers breaking out the artillery to drive us off their land. That's a good thing. Some of these areas are also temperate enough that we can even get in some good playing time when there's snow on the ground.