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Cyberpunk 2020 Conversions for Shadowrun

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The weapons presented in this section are converted from R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk 2020 Chromebooks I & II. They are presented with as much of the original material as is relevant to SR2. All references to CyberPunk corporations can be changed to Shadowrun corporations to conform with the corporate structure of the Shadowrun Universe.

Please note that most of these weapons are extremely deadly, and the player characters should only see some of these from the wrong end, never from the right end.

In other words, give the bad guy these guns just to tease the players. They'll love you for it.

Nova .338 City Gun
Type: Light Pistol      Conceal: 5      Ammo: 7 (cyl)   Mode: "SA"
Damage: 6M      Caliber: .338 cal       Weight: 1.25kg  Avail: 3/12hrs
Cost: 450Y      Street Index: .8

The double-action Citygun is Nova Arms' attempt to bring the revolver up to date. Rather than employing a traditional cylinder, it uses Nova's patented "Ammo Cassettes." These are disposable cylinders composed of superstrong composite ceramics, preloaded with seven .338 Nova cartridges. To reload, one simply drops out the empty cassette and slaps in a fresh one, thus doing away with clumsy reloading of individual rounds. The Citygun is packed with modern features, sporting a nonreflective matte-black finish, an octagonal barrel which has an underbarrel universal scope-mount, an adjustable trigger, and twin triple-porting on the barrel, which serves as a sophisticated muzzle compensator (the compensator aids in quick recovery for follow-up shots, thus "SA" action instead of "SS"). Nova also includes two spare ammo cassettes with every Citygun. Durable, reliable, and capable of placing seven high-velocity slugs in a two inch pattern as fast as you can pull the trigger, the Citygun indisputably the most advanced wheelgun on the market for today.

Budgetarms Laser-Niner
Type: Light Pistol      Conceal: 5      Ammo: 15 (c)    Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 6L      Caliber: 9mm            Weight: 1kg     Avail: 3/12hrs
Cost: 500Y      Street Index: 1

A quality auto/machine pistol, sleek in design, which fires 9mm caseless rounds. Made to security specifications, it is built for combat, employing an integral laser-sight and 3-round burst/full-auto firing mode. It has a 15 round clip, but for assault ops it can be fitted with a 35 round "snail" clip.

Goncz-Taurus Auto-Pistol
Type: Light Pistol      Conceal: 6      Ammo: 15 (c)    Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 6L      Caliber: 9mm            Weight: 1kg     Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 600Y      Street Index: 1

Standard officer-issue weapon in the southern-Americas, and for many years illegally smuggled into CAS and UCAS territories. Don't be fooled by cheap Aztlanian or underground knock-offs. The G-T Pistol is manufactured by Taurus Brazilia De Brazil to their exacting standards and imported by De Santos Ltd. Two versions of this pistol are available: the 9mm semi-automatic, and the machine pistol version with a selective fire capability. A sturdy and reliable pistol at a very competitive price, with the choice of 15 or 30 round magazines available.

Stein & Wasserman Tri-Star Revolver
Type: Heavy Pistol      Conceal: 4      Ammo: 6 (cyl)   Mode: SS
Damage: Special Caliber: .410 cal       Weight: 2.75kg  Avail: 5/24hrs
Cost: 700Y      Street Index: 1

S&W designed this special-load revolver as a "compact yet practical multi-munitions delivery system." What this means (in plain English) is that the Tri-Star is a big, double-action revolver-style handgun which fires .410 shotgun ammo. Although it is capable of firing shotshells (6M) and slugs (9M), the Tri-Star is best known for loading Triplex shells which pack three #000 buckshot pellets. When using this load, treat each shot as a "3 round burst" rolling 1d6/2 to see how many buckshot hit and then applying 6L damage for each hit. Stein & Wasserman also market a 100Y lasersight which is specially made for Tri-Stars packing #000 Triplex: the sight projects a red dot which marks the point of aim, and a surrounding circle which marks the area into which the three pellets will spread. Because of visually distinct style of these sights, the Tri-Star has seen a great deal of use in media entertainment.

Pursuit Security Stundart Pistol
Type: Flamer             Conceal: 4      Ammo: 2 (bbl)   Mode: SS
Damage: 10S Stun Caliber: .45 cal        Weight: 2kg     Avail: 5/24hrs
Cost: 1100Y      Street Index: 1.5

A new addition to our catalog come from Pursuit Security Incorporated. For the person needing a non-lethal alternative, the stundart gun is an excellent choice. This weapon is an over-and-under double-barrel breakopen configura- tion. The stundart ammunition itself consists of a special low velocity (400fps) .45 caliber plastic cartridge. The projectile is a pronged copper- jacketed capacitor capable of storing a charge of up to 70,000 volts! The dart-like projections allow the round to deliver its charge through heavy clothing, fur, and even some ballistic cloth armors. Incapacitation is instantaneous and lasts up to one hour.

Federated Arms .454 DA "Super Chief"
Type: Heavy Pistol      Conceal: 4      Ammo: 5         Mode: SS
Damage: 10M     Caliber: .454 Casull    Weight: 2.5kg   Avail: 4/24hrs
Cost: 400Y      Street Index: 1

Originally conceived with handgun hunters in mind, the Super Chief is a double action revolver finished in stainless steel and chambered for the .454 Casull, a cut-down big-game cartridge specifically designed for large animals. A big success with people who like the challenge of handgun hunting, this weapon has also proven itself as a real manstopper when the situation warrants.

Colt Alpha-Omega
Type: Heavy Pistol      Conceal: 5      Ammo: 10 (c)    Mode: SA
Damage: 9M      Caliber: 10mm           Weight: 2.25kg  Avail: 4/24hrs
Cost: 550Y      Street Index: 1

For over a century, Colt Firearms has been producing, and improving, the definitive semiautomatic pistol. From the M1911a1 .45 Colt to the present Alpha-Omega, Colt has strived for excellence. The Alpha-Omega is a semi-auto, double action pistol. The pistol comes with gas-vent 2 and smartgun option as standard fare.

Malorian Arms 3516
Type: Heavy Pistol      Conceal: 4      Ammo: 6         Mode: SA
Damage: 10M     Caliber: 14mm           Weight: 3kg     Avail: 8/48hrs
Cost: 1000Y     Street Index: 2

Glock Thirty

Type: Machine Pistol    Conceal: 5      Ammo: 30 (m)    Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 9M      Caliber: 10mm           Weight: 2kg     Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 800Y      Street Index: 1.5

In time for their anniversary, Glock Int. introduces the latest in the further development of their famous line of semi-auto pistols. Glock has taken their 10mm Glock-20, given it a selective single-shot or 3-round burst capability, gas porting on the barrel for excellent controllability and 30 10mm cartridges per magazine. These features, plus Glock's time tested quality and accuracy, create a fine example of Austrian workmanship.

Militech Mini-Gat Machine Carbine
Type: SMG               Conceal: 3      Ammo: 120       Mode: FA
Damage: 4L      Caliber: 5mm            Weight: 4.5kg   Avail: 10/4days
Cost: 2000Y     Street Index: 2

The .22cal caseless (5mm) has never been taken seriously as a defensive round until now. The Mini-Gat is a 5mm five-barrel gatling gun capable of emptying its helical magazine in under 5 seconds flat! Don't be satisfied with some machine pistol's dinky 30 round clip when a Mini-Gat carries 120 rounds! It's electronically fired, operating from a rechargeable battery in the magazine.

Setsuko-Arasaka "PMS" Advanced Sub-Machine Gun
Type: SMG               Conceal: 4      Ammo: 20        Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 6M      Caliber: 7mm            Weight: 3kg     Avail: 4/24hrs
Cost: 900Y      Street Index: 1

For the wanna-be technoninja, Setsuko-Arasaka is now now producing their Police/Military/Security SMG in the UCAS. Designed for low-profile corporate security and paramilitary forces where discretion is valued over raw firepower, the weapon fires a sub-sonic, caseless 7mm bullet paired with a built-in sound suppressor. Early models of this weapon encountered a few problems with some of the integrated electronics, but this model has overcome all previous obstacles, and is now a viable contender in the SMG market.

Beretta M-24 Advanced Sub-Machine Gun
Type: SMG               Conceal: 4      Ammo: 50 (m)    Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 7M      Caliber: 9mm            Weight: 3kg     Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 1100Y     Street Index: 1

The NEW standard-issue SMG for INTERPOL. Beretta Euroarms has set new standards in weapon technology with their M-24 sub-machine gun. Using the time-proven M-12 SMG as the basis for this new weapon, they incorporate features such as an integral smartgun adaptor, large magazine capacity, and a gas-vent 2. This makes a total weapon package that will fill the needs of any street samurai.

Type: SMG               Conceal: 4      Ammo: 30        Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 9M      Caliber: .45 cal        Weight: 4kg     Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 900Y      Street Index: 1

Want value for your NuYen? Look no further than your nearset Militech dealer. The Militech-10 uses composite plastics and the most modern machining techniques to create a submachinegun that is light, accurate, and a pleasure to shoot. Factory accessories include sound suppressor, scope mounts, and a Militech Mini-grenade Launcher.

Pursuit Security Inc, Web Gun
Type: SMG               Conceal: N/A    Ammo: 1 (net)   Mode: SS
Damage: Special Caliber: N/A            Weight: 6kg     Avail: 8/4days
Cost: 1,250Y    Street Index: 2

P.S.I continues it's popular line of non-lethal weapons systems with their Webgun, the "long-range mantrap." The single-shot weapon has a shock absorbing stock (shockpads), a pistolgrip and forend-grip arrangement, and an optical sight. The "Webber's" conical muzzle has four blast-directing "barrels," each of which propels an elliptical weight, attached to a spiderweb-like nylon net. Fired by a single cartridge, the net is pulled open by the radiating trajectories of the weights, ensnaring the target in a fast-moving, and hard-pulling tangle. In police tests it has been 95% effective in rendering a person helpless. The net is only capable of ensnaring one person, and each reload weighs 2kg. The Webgun cannot be smartlinked.

Note: The target must make a body roll (target of 10) to escape the tangle. The amount of time needed to struggle out of the net is 10 minus the # of successes in rounds. If the person has a blade, and they make at least one success on their body roll, they can cut themselves free in only 2 rounds.

The standard web does 10S stun.
The Taser-web is treated the same as the standard web-load, 
   but apply the rules for tasers.
Mono-web: that's right! This net does 10S damage, like mono-wire. 
   For every action the victim struggles, an additional light 
   wound is applied. It is only able to be cut by a mono-blade.
Det-web: This web is meant to kill the target, blowing it into 
   chunky salsa.  18D damage.

Malorian Arms Sliver Gun

Type: Light Pistol      Conceal: 5      Ammo: 7 (c)     Mode: SS
Damage: 6M      Caliber: 2cm x 2cm frag Weight: 1kg     Avail: 6/48hrs
Cost: 500Y      Street Index: 1

Quiet and deadly describes Eran Malour's revolutionary new personal defense weapon. Recent discoveries in flywheel technology have been utilized in creating a close range weapon that is as effective as a shotgun but no louder than an electric toothbrush. The sliver gun uses a squeeze cocking action to activate the four inch flywheel. When triggered, the wheel presses against a polyceramic block creating a multitude of sharp fragments travelling well in excess of 1200 feet per second! The internal power cell can spin the flywheel up to eighteen minutes before replacement.

Malorian Arms Heavy Flechette Pistol
Type: Heavy Pistol      Conceal: 4      Ammo: 25 (c)    Mode: SA
Damage: 9M AP   Caliber: 4mm AP Flcht.  Weight: 2.5kg   Avail: 8/48hrs
Cost: 900Y      Street Index: 2

Firing a single 150 grain, 4mm dart at over 1700 feet per second, the Malorian Arms heavy flechette pistol is second to none in flechette handgun technology. Using a liquified gas combustion system, this semiautomatic pistol packs a rifle-round wallop in a handgun-sized package. The rechargeable liquid propellant reservoir can fire over 200 rounds before needing a refill. The large magazine capacity makes this weapon a favorite with firepower freaks everywhere. Eran Malour has specifically designed his new flechette gun with the "enhanced" customer in mind. The weapon comes chipped from the factory; safety interlocked and encoded to the owner, so use by anyone else is impossible. This feature is a definite plus to anyone needing a strong home defense weapon but who worries that their children might hurt themselves in an accidental discharge.

Malorian Arms Sub-Flechette Gun
Type: SMG(flcht)        Conceal: 4      Ammo: 30 (m)    Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 7S      Caliber: 10mm multi f.  Weight: 3.75kg  Avail: 6/48hrs
Cost: 1000Y     Street Index: 2

Malorian Arms has beaten the competition to the punch with their new flechette sub-gun. A bullpup-configured weapon using a rotary bolt system similar to the proven M-95/G-11 operating system. This weapon uses the 10mm caseless flechette round containing six steel penetrators capable of defeating any ballistic cloth body armor in present use. Equipped from the factory with three round burst/full auto capability, and an integral compensator (shock pads).

Militech Crusher SSG
Type: Shotgun           Conceal: 5      Ammo: 6 (m)     Mode: SA
Damage: 6M/9M   Caliber: 20 gauge       Weight: 2.5kg   Avail: 3/24hours
Cost: 450Y      Street Index: 1

This pistol-sized shotgun was developed during the 2nd Central American Conflict for close combat and roomsweeping duties. The Crusher is a handy weapon in 20ga., with it's box-type magazine and 10 inch barrel, but not very accurate.

Militech Military/Police Shotgun
Type: Shotgun           Conceal: 3      Ammo: 8/6 (m)   Mode: SA
Damage: 10S/11S Caliber: 12/10 gauge    Weight: 4kg     Avail: 3/24hrs
Cost: 400Y      Street Index: 1

A gas operated, semi-auto shotgun with an eight round detachable box magazine and folding stock. A hard-working weapon for the hard-working company man. Available in either 10 or 12 gauge; the 10 gauge has a six round capacity.

Franchi "King Buck" Multi-Magnum
Type: Shotgun           Conceal: N/A    Ammo: 4 (4bbl)  Mode: SS 1-4
Damage: 11S     Caliber: 10 gauge       Weight: 7kg     Avail: 12/7days
Cost: 4,000Y+   Street Index: 3

The Italian made King Buck is a four-barreled pepperbox-style shotgun, made for hunting big game. It has four seperate barrels and chambers, and they can be fired one at a time, or you can fire all four at once! This magnum shotgun fires 10-gauge 3" Magnum shells, and can load buckshot and slugs. A huge, unusual and exceptionally heavy weapon, which is considered a collector's item.

Techtronica M40 "Pulse Rifle"
Type: Shotgun (EMP)     Conceal: N/A    Ammo: 6 (btry)  Mode: SS 1/rnd
Damage: Special Caliber: N/A            Weight: 5.25kg  Avail: 14/9days
Cost: 16,500Y   Street Index: 4

Techtronica's milspec Electro-Magnetic Pulse cannon is quickly proving itself to be the ultimate electronics-killer. Utilizing new breakthroughs in multi-band electromagnetic beam propagation systems, the M40 is a rugged weapon designed to disrupt, defeat and otherwise destroy electronics and computer systems of all kinds. This stubby, rifle-shaped weapon (which uses liquid-metal storage cells), is fully insulated against it's own effects -- which are devastating! At close range, the M40 can permanently fry elec- tronics of all kinds (from computers to cyberware), and incapacitate people for hours.

             Damage                                 Cyberware (per item)
 Short:   8D, body roll, single success negates     80% fried 
          death -- Immediate D stun, knocked unconcious
 Medium:  6D stun                                   60% disabled d3 hours
 Long:    5S stun                                   50% disabled 3d6 minutes
 Extreme: 4M stun                                   40% disabled 1d6 minutes

This weapon can kill at close range. See the Street Samurai Catalog for rules concerning damage to Alpha/Betaware.

Militech M-31a1 Advanced Infantry Combat Weapon
Type: Assault Rifle     Conceal: 3      Ammo: 150 (c)   Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M      Caliber: 4.5mm          Weight: 5.25kg  Avail: 8/4days
Cost: 2000Y     Street Index: 3

Two years ago, the UCAS proposed a new competition to select an advanced infantry combat weapon. The armed services committee felt that the military had a fine weapon already, and decided to create an impossible set of design parameters to purposely set this weapon program back at least 10 years. The first and only entrant in the competition was the M-31a1. Militech had developed a new grenade launcher firing a projectile no larger than a 10 gauge three-inch shotgun shell, but with performance almost equal to the original M-79's 40mm grenade. The M-31a1 is an over-under configuration with a 4.5mm assault weapon atop a pump-action mini-grenade launcher. The liquid propellant action functions more like an old style gasoline motor in that a propellant and oxidizer are mixed in a firing chamber, then electrically fired by pulling the trigger, launching a 4.5mm copper jacketed bullet (50 grains), and cycling the action to feed the next round into the chamber. One of the requirements of the UCAS contract was a magazine capacity of at least 100 rounds. The M-31a1 holds 150 projectiles and the propellant necessary to fire them. Paired with the grenade launcher, this design has proven to be an efficient and deadly combination.

Darra-Polytechnic M-9 Assault Rifle
Type: Assault Rifle     Conceal: 3      Ammo: 40 (m)    Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M      Caliber: 5.5mm          Weight: 4.5kg   Avail: 3/36hrs
Cost: 700Y      Street Index: 2

The first assault rifle using a caseless cartridge built entirely in the Hindu-Chinese Confederation. Designed to use the 5.5mm caseless (Chinese), this weapon's lineage is clearly Kalishnikov. Ballistic qualities are similar to the early Soviet 5.45mm used in the AK-74 assault rifle. Two things are readily apparent when you first pick up this weapon. The first is the lack of a smartgun link. This weapon was designed for military forces in the third world who don't fit their soldiers with cyber. Second is the old-fashioned configuration in an age where bullpups are the style. Side-folding stock and a 1.2x optical sight are standard options on this weapon. Because of the large numbers of these guns exported out of the Hong Kong area, and their very low cost, the M-9 has become a common sight in the third world and on the streets.

Federated Arms Light Assault 15
Type: Assault Rifle     Conceal: 3      Ammo: 30 (m)    Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M      Caliber: 7mm            Weight: 4.5kg   Avail: 4/48hrs
Cost: 1200Y     Street Index: 2

Federated's bid for the plastic-frame, bullpup configured, caseless market pioneered by H&K's G-11/12 and Stermeyer's M-95A. As with all Federated products, this is a durable light rifle, with good accuracy and a low price. The LA-15 comes already rigged with a smartgun adaptor.

Stein & Wasserman Model F "Cyborg Assault" Weapon System
Type: Assault Rifle     Conceal: 4      Ammo: 8 (m)     Mode: SA
Damage: 10S     Caliber: 13mm           Weight: 6kg     Avail: 18/14days
Cost: 3000Y     Street Index: 3

The hot weapon for fast-response teams everywhere; the Cyborg assault is the Rolls Royce of close-in shoulder arms designed to stop the unstoppable. This bullpup rifle is capable of withstanding any type of round being fired through it, from API to HE.

Tsunami Arms Ramjet Rifle
Type: Sniper            Conceal: N/A    Ammo: 9 (c)     Mode: SA
Damage: Special Caliber: 8.5mm ramjet   Weight: 4.5kg   Avail: 14/9days
Cost: 7,000Y    Street Index: 4

"Tsunami Arms -- Better Than The Best." The top-secret Japanese weapons design firm once again lives up to its motto with their Ramjet Rifle, a remarkable new weapon which is fitted well to the roles of sniper, counter- sniper and a light anti-armor weapons system. What makes this rifle special is the bullets it fires -- not a normal slug, flechette or gyrojet, these 8.5mm projectiles are small ramjet engines! Fired from the rifle at a velocity of 3,200 feet per second, the supersonic bullets have a conical aperture in their nose into which the incoming air is compressed. This jet of hot air ignites the solid fuel in the center of the bullet; the exhaust blasts out of the back, accelerating the round until it runs out of fuel. This results in a constant increase of the velocity and energy of the shell until it reaches it's maximum range, making the Ramjet Rifle a harder hitter the further away it is from its target. The gun is a semi-automatic, caseless ammo-firing bullpup made of lightweight polymers, boasting an adjustable grip and stock as well as an adjustable bipod and free-floating heavy barrel. For superior accuracy at long ranges, the Ramjet rifle comes equipped with shockpads, a variable 1-3x optical mag and an integral smartgun link.

Damage: 7M at short, 9M at medium, 11M at long and 14M at extreme (201-500m)

Militech Cyborg Rifle
Type: Sniper            Conceal: N/A    Ammo: 30 (c)    Mode: SA
Damage: 14S     Caliber: .300 Win Mag   Weight: 7.5kg   Avail: 14/9days
Cost: 6,500Y    Street Index: 5

They say that if you want good weapons, you buy Militech. The Cyborg Rifle is no exception. Made for 'borg fighting, the Cyborg Rifle can be relied on to drop a metalhead at any range. A massive bullpup, this rifle was designed around the .300 Winchester Magnum hunting cartridge, which is normally used for hunting big game. The .300WM was chosen for its versatil- ity under a variety of conditions, ranges and targets. Militech is fully licensed to use this round, since they bought out most of the Winchester holdings many years ago. An assortment of .300WM ammunition has been produced for the Cyborg Rifle; among these is a teflon-coated armor-piercing bullet, which has proven to be sufficiently effective against most body armors. To enhance controllability, the barrel of the rifle is surrounded by a hydro-pneumatic recoil sleeve (Gas-vent III).

Heckler & Koch G-6 Advanced Squad Automatic Weapon
Type: Light Machine Gun Conceal: N/A    Ammo: 100 (m)   Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 7S      Caliber: 6mm            Weight: 5.5kg   Avail: 6/5days
Cost: 2300Y     Street Index: 2

Militech Mini-Grenade Launcher

Type: Grenade Launcher  Conceal: -2     Ammo: 4 (m)     Mode: SA
Damage: as gren Caliber: 10 gauge       Weight: 1.5kg   Avail: 8/4days
Cost: 1800Y     Street Index: 3

Militech has developed a new grenade projectile 60% smaller in size (25mm x 90mm), but having the same range and effect as the standard 40mm grenade. Two styles of this launcher are sold by Militech. The first is a pump-action, shotgun-style launcher with a tube magazine holding four rounds. This version is the one normally mated onto Militech's M-31a1, or the Militech-10 sub-machine gun. The second design has a large rotary drum with a sixteen round capacity, constructed on a modified Militech-10 frame. This weapon's settings allow a shooter to select between the ammo types that have been loaded. For example, the shooter could fire a tear gas shell, select an HE round, fire the HE, and then select a multiple flechette round, all without reloading! The weapon automatically rotates the drum to place the specified type round into the chamber. Both versions can also use 10 gauge shotgun ammo.

Militech AM-3 "Anti-Matter Rifle"
Type: Assault Cannon    Conceal: NEIN   Ammo: 5 (c)     Mode: SA
Damage: 15D AP  Caliber: 30mm           Weight: 25kg    Avail: N/A
Cost: 30,000Y   Street Index: 4

The return of the anti-tank rifle! Militech's 30mm recoilless rifle is the only man-portable weapons system capable of taking on a Main Battle Tank. More commonly, this high power cannon is used to smash light combat vehicles, well armored targets and sensitive targets such as bunkers, radar stations and armored fighting vehicles. It fires Militech's patented 30mm rocket-propelled depleted-uranium shells to avoid the crushing recoil that accompanies a standard 30mm cartridge. Nonetheless, this rifle is by no means recoilless, and it is made of high-strength ceramics in order to withstand the tremendous pressures and reduce overall weight. Equipped with a hydro-pneumatic recoil absorbtion system (Gas-vent III), an advanced muzzle brake and a telescoping shock-absorbing stock and bipod, the AM-3's recoil is still punishing. Militech has issued a "no responsibility" statement advising not to fire the weapon while in a standing position (requires a gyro-mount or a Body of 8 or greater). Equipped with an integral smartgun link and 1-3x variable optical magnification. Strictly a military weapon, this weapon is incredibly illegal. Because the round is low-velocity with rocket boost, there is a "safe zone" of 150m in which the weapon does 12S damage. It has an extreme range of 1500m. Ammunition costs 900Y per 10 rounds. Armor is halved, even vehicular.

Rheinmetall EMG-85 Railgun
Type: Railgun :-)       Conceal: NOPE   Ammo: 5 (c)     Mode: SS
Damage: Special Caliber: 8.5mm          Weight: 35kg    Avail: N/A
Cost: 60,000Y   Street Index: Yeah, right

The ultimate vehicle stopper! Delivering a nickel-ferrous slug at hypersonic velocity to a target almost 2km away, the new Rheinmetall Railgun can neutralize ANYONE! The appalling multi-level killing potential of the EMG-85 classifies it as a special-purpose weapon, used primarily by military strike forces as a vehicle-mounted anti-armor weapon. The system consists of kinetic energy railgun on an articulated steady-mount harness (deluxe improved gyro-mount) with an integral smartgun link (the weapon must be fired using the smartgun link). This electro-magnetic gun (or EMG) uses superconducting technology to launch a special 15-gram Mylar-coated metal projectile at 8,000 feet per second! This projectile is not only utterly lethal to the (meta)human body, but it can also punch through all but the toughest vehicular armor. The weapon has a built-in magazine with 5 superconductor power loops and a 5 round projectile pack (1kg and 5,800Y). If the gyro-mount is not used, a Body of 9 or greater is required. Comes standard with a 1-3x variable optical mag system.

Militech Urban Missile Launcher
Type: Assault Rifle *   Conceal: NOT    Ammo: 12 (c)    Mode: SS
Damage: Special Caliber: 20mm micro msl Weight: 8kg     Avail: 12/14days
Cost: 7,000Y    Street Index: 4

This magazine-fed weapon, which resembles an oversized SMG, fires a self- guided heat-seeking explosive-tipped rocket-propelled projectile. With an Urban Missile Launcher, the average Company Man becomes a fearsome hunter- killer!

Damage: 9S, 2m burst radius, fired with Gunnery skill (type is Assault Rifle for range only).

Roll Gunnery skill to acquire target and launch the missile. Make an INT(3) roll vs target-signature (10 - the target's body) for the missile to stay on target if something causes it to lose the acquisition (self guided tracking includes one turn of more than 45 degrees and less than 90 degrees). Only one success is needed.

Militech 25mm Pistol Grenades
Type: Mini-Grenade      Conceal: 8      Ammo: N/A       Mode: SS
Damage: as gren Caliber: 25mm Grenade   Weight: .25kg   Avail: 8/4days
Cost: 100Y      Street Index: 2

Similar to the rifle-grenades of old, but designed to fired from pistol- caliber weapons. Any pistol or submachine-gun's barrel can be fitted with a Militech-produced muzzle adaptor (200Y) in the appropiate caliber by an armoror. The adaptor's bullet-trap design allows the shooter to fire a conventional round to launch the pistol grenade up to 100m away. Pistol Grenades cannot be launched by weapons of less power than a 9mm, and 9mm through .45 cal weapons will only have an extreme range of 30m. .357, 10mm and other, more powerful rounds will have an extreme range of 100m.

Grenade types: All available in SR books, same damage and burst radius.

Incendiary: 8M damage, burns for 4 rounds and melts 8 points of non-ceramic armor each round. Burst radius is 2m. Against an unarmored opponent, a moderate wound is caused every round.

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