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Welcome to SWO Guns II, the second collection of weaponry for the world of Shadowrun from the folks at SWO! We've been working our butts off (and getting them shot off as well) to bring this new collection of some of our favorite guns to you. Everything in this collection has been made fresh for your enjoyment. There may appear to be many makes, models and manufacturers of any type of weapon, but that's one of the things we like about it. This is a free market and we want the largest selection of weapons we can find to satisfy our ballistic needs.

In this edition, we'll be introducing a new company that you can use in your campaign if you so desire. "Street Arms" is a coalition of weaponsmiths, fixers and Data-Haven deckers who are dedicated to getting you the tools of your profession in the timliest and most cost-effective manner possible. Here, you can read more about StreetArms.

We'll also be introducing some new technologies this time as well. Don't worry, we aren't out to upset your game balance any more than we want to upset our own. All of the wiz new tech will be based on breakthroughs in technology that are happening now. A subscription to Popular Science, Popular Mechanics and Scientific American can do wonders for your game tech.

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