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Ceska Diplomat
Type: Hold-out Conceal: 8 Ammo: 6 (cyl) Mode: SS
Damage: 4L Caliber: .38 Special Weight: .5kg Avail: 3/12hrs
Cost: 250¥ Street Index: 1

New for '54, the Ceska Diplomat .38 Special revolver is a perfect self defense option for the executive with a need for subtlety. Its slim design and smooth lines give it excellent concealability. The most effective feature of this gun, however, is that it has two barrels and it can fire them both at once. This added firepower, combined with the fact that it has follow up shots, leaves the Diplomat a definite contender in the growing hold out pistol market. For game purposes treat the double shot as a shortened burst.

>>>>>[ I have used this weapon successfully on several occasions.
It packs good firepower but has a tendency to jam on the third
double fire so watch it chummers. ]<<<<<
        --  Debutante <05:14:30/01-13-54>

Heckler & Koch OHWS (Offensive Handgun Weapon System)
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 5 Ammo: 12 (c) Mode: SA
Damage: 9M Caliber: .45cal Weight: 1.2kg Avail: 18/14days
Cost: 2500¥ Street Index: 2

In the early 1990's, the government of old wanted a new weapon system to replace several different weapons currently in service in the armed forces' SOCOM (Special Operations Command). It needed to able to withstand the different environments that SOCOM units sometimes operated in; salt water, desert and extreme cold were just a few. Well, the Pentagon got what it wanted; a large, indestructible, .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol with integrated electro-optics. With their innovative Polymide frame design, some of which exists in today's weapons, H&K were able to cut recoil forces down to less than 16% of that of a 9mm pistol.

The OHWS is made up of the following components: polycarbonate frame .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol, an incredibly effective sound-suppressor, a single-action/double-action trigger assembly, and an under-barrel optics system made up of a flashlight, visible light laser and an IR laser.

>>>>>[ Yep, chummers, this is definetly the best 5,000¥ I ever
spent. The sound-suppressor is so effective that it doesn't even
sound like a pistol anymore!  More like a low bass sound. And the
recoil is almost non-existant!  You can empty the clip in 2.5
seconds and keep the group in a 10cm circle.  Well maybe not *you*,
chummer, but I've done it. ]<<<<<
        --  Prophet <14:23:12/12-21-54>

>>>>>[ Just like I thought: an old gun fer an old-timer! ]<<<<<
        --  Bunker <18:54:33/12-24-54>

Colt Penetrator
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 5 Ammo: 12 (c) Mode: SA
Damage: 9M Caliber: 11mm Weight: 2kg Avail: 4/24hrs
Cost: 600¥ Street Index: 1.5

Given their success with the Manhunter, Colt designed yet another heavy pistol for the general market. This weapon, like its predecessor, is known for its reliability and firepower. Given Colt's success with the Manhunter, this gun should sell well.

>>>>>[ I *like* it! ]<<<<<
        --  Bunker <16:32:56/9-29-54>

Beretta 100S
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 5 Ammo: 15 (c) Mode: SA
Damage: 9M Caliber: 11mm Weight: 2.5kg Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 650¥ Street Index: 1.5

Smooth lines, excellent accuracy, and deadliness all define this new heavy pistol from Beretta. Featuring a removeable silencer,laser sight and classy looks, this gun is fast becoming a favorite for corporate security and "Company Men" worldwide. Also available in a smartgun variant (1300¥).

>>>>>[ Not style over substance, style WITH substance. ]<<<<<
        --  Hunter <21:43:24/10-13-54>

Fichetti Hurricane
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 5 Ammo: 14 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 9S Caliber: 11mm (flcht) Weight: 2kg Avail: 3/48hrs
Cost: 600¥ Street Index: 1

Another excellent security gun from Fichetti. This gun was designed with firepower and concealability in mind. It uses flechette ammo for effective takedown capability, and combines it with a removable stock and burst fire mode. Also available is an optional 30 round extended clip. A must for any security team.

>>>>>[ My favorite back-up weapon.  No foolin'.   Good capacity, great
firepower, auto-fire, low weight, easy to replace. ]<<<<<
        --  The Mapmaker <17:32:45/03-22-54>

Ruger P-105
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 10 (c) Mode: SA
Damage: 10M Caliber: 12mm Weight: 2.5kg Avail: 4/24hrs
Cost: 600¥ Street Index: 1

Ruger's most recent entry into the heavy pistol market. The P-105 uses the already sucessful 12mm round made famous by the Super Warhawk. The heavy firepower, combined with the fire rate, and clip capacity of an automatic makes this one of the deadliest autos on the streets. Don't be outclassed out there, get your's today.

>>>>>[ This weapon packs the best firepower in a small package that 
I have ever used.  I carry two with me almost all the time. The only 
problem is it's ammo capacity ( that's why I need two ). ]<<<<<
        --  Regis <07:45:12/03-12-54>

>>>>>[ You actually need two? One target, one shot chummer. ]<<<<<
        --  Victor <11:23:34/04-12-54>

>>>>>[ I have more people after me than you do, so I use 
a lot of ammo. ]<<<<<
        -- Regis <12:45:21/04-13-54>

>>>>>[ I doubt it. ]<<<<<
        -- Victor <23:12:03/04-15-54>

>>>>>[ And its BIG, too! ]<<<<<
        -- Bunker <21:42:23/05-12-54>

Seco Quickfire
Type: Machine Pistol Conceal: 5 Ammo: 18 (c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 6L Caliber: 9mm Weight: 1.5 Avail: 5/24hrs
Cost: 750¥ Street Index: 2

Ideal for bodygaurds and light to medium security detail, the Seco Quickfire features good concealability, an integral laser sight and full automatic fire. This weapon gives anyone massive firepower in a small light package.

>>>>>[ Can anyone say lead hose?  This weapon will empty its clip 
before you know it. Carry lots of spares. ]<<<<<
        --  Blue Ice <13:24:06/03-12-54>

>>>>>[ That is if it doesn't jam first.  My model didn't work for 
drek.  So I gave it to our mage.  He sure won't use it. ]<<<<<
        --  8-Ball <01:13:52/04-11-54>

>>>>>[ Are you implying that mages can't shoot?  If so, I'd sure 
like to meet you in a firefight 'cause I'd live, you wouldn't. ]<<<<<
        --  Hurricane <23:04:12/04-21-54>

Browning Defender 10
Type: Machine Pistol Conceal: 5 Ammo: 15 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 9M Caliber: 10mm Weight: 2kg Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 900¥ Street Index: 2

With the machine pistol market growing at a tremendous rate, Browning enters the fray with the Defender 10. Using the powerful but controllable 10mm round, the Defender strikes a good balance between recoil and cyclic rate. Given its reliability and resistance to adverse climates, this is an excellent candidate for military service. Of course, this makes it all the better for civilian use. Also available in a smart variant (1800¥).

>>>>>[ You can dunk this in toxic waste and it will still fire 
reliably.  The recoil is manageable, but could use gas vent, and 
it hits like a truck. Get one  if you need compact firepower. ]<<<<<
        --  Prophet <15:12:55/12-25-54>

Fichetti Military XI
Type: Machine Pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 18 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 9M Caliber: 11mm Weight: 2.25kg Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 900¥ Street Index: 2

Officially adopted by the CAS military in 2052, This extremely effective machine pistol has found its way to the personal defense market. Using a very powerful 11mm round and gas recoil dampening (Rating 1) this weapon delivers devastating punch with reliable accuracy. Comes standard with an integral laser sight and is also available in a smart variant (1800¥).

>>>>>[ I have had the opportunity to fire one of these; I found 
it very controllable and accurate even in burst fire. If you can 
get one, do so. ]<<<<<
        --  The Highwayman <05:12:32/01-12-54>

Bond & Carrington MP-11
Type: Machine Pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 15/30 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 9M Caliber: 11mm Weight: 3kg Avail: 8/36hrs
Cost: 1,200¥ Street Index: 2

Made in the same factory as their famous custom designer guns, this heavy personal defense option is designed to fill the gap between Bond and Carrington's extravagant custom guns and their more down to earth IWS counterparts. This machine pistol is loaded with standard features, which include, Gas Vent 2, integral laser sight or smart variant (2000¥), detachable shoulder stock, and 30 round extended magazine. This gun may seem expensive, but it does allow the common man to own a bit of a legend in firearms.

>>>>>[ After using this weapon for several months I have to say that sans 
magic this is the best personal defense option I have ever used. ]<<<<<
        --  Hurricane <13:26:04/03-10-54>

>>>>>[ You were right, Hurricane, I guess I'll have to listen your non-
magical advice more often!  This little number is great! ]<<<<<
        --  Nitro <12:49:51/5-11-54>

Ingram Mk IV
Type: Machine Pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 16 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 10M Caliber: .50AE cal Weight: 3kg Avail: 18/14days
Cost: 2500¥ Street Index: 3

This compact machine pistol was designed specifically for the UCAS security branches (FBI & NSA). It chambers a round designed during the 1990's that has been a hallmark of handgun firepower. This pistol was designed to either kill or knock down any target using not only the firepower of the .50AE round, but also a special High Explosive Squash Head round that gaurantees knockdown, as well as destroys armor. Featuring an integral smartgun link and gas vent 3, this weapon is a deadly addition to the armories of UCAS government agents.

Game notes: This weapon suffers double recoil penalties when used in burst fire mode. The special HESH .50AE (12.7mm) rounds do not do any greater penetration, but they double knockdown penalties and they increase the wound by one category if they penetrate armor. In addition, armor is damaged 2 levels for every round that hits a target. Yes, these rounds are very effective. The cost for the HESH rounds is 200¥ per 10 rounds and have an availability of 18\14 days, with a legality of 3-L as per Shadowtech. This gun and rounds are very nasty (my players found out through playtest). I would not suggest letting players get ahold of these in any quantity.

>>>>>[ DO NOT get in front of these things.  They will kill or 
wound you no matter how much armor you wear, and the FBI agents 
can use them very well.  Also, if you manage to get one, don't 
flash it around because the FBI/NSA don't like people having 
these. ]<<<<<
        --  Victor <23:12:59/03-13-54>

Sandler Model II
Type: SMG Conceal: 3 Ammo: 30 (c) Mode: BF/FA
Damage: 6M Caliber: 4.5mm Weight: 3.75kg Avail: 4/24hrs
Cost: 700¥ Street Index: 1

Sandler's second entry into the firearms market. The model II is a much improved step up from the TMP. It is not prone to frequent breakdowns like its predecessor and is reliable in all climes. It comes standard with an integral laser sight and gas vent 2.

Walther S900
Type: SMG Conceal: 4 Ammo: 30 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 6M Caliber: 9mm Weight: 3kg Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 900¥ Street Index: 1

Designed especially for security teams, the Walther S900 is a light and deadly SMG. Featuring a large magazine capacity, laser sight, and gas vent recoil supression (level 2), this firearm is a great addition to any security team's arsenal.

>>>>>[ This weapon is small enough that you can use one in 
each hand.  That is, if you can handle it chummer.  Sleek. ]<<<<<
       --  Shamrock <14:27:54/12-05-54>

Defiance AT-900
Type: SMG Conceal: 4 Ammo: 30 (c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 6M Caliber: 9mm Weight: 3.75kg Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 900¥ Street Index: 1

Usually sticking to shotguns and tasers, Defiance has branched out into the SMG market. Its many modern features make it competitive in this very tough section of the firearms market. Standard features include: gas vent 2 and a laser sight. Optional features include smartlink (1800¥), and a folding stock (100¥).

Heckler & Koch MP-9
Type: SMG Conceal: 4 Ammo: 25 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 7M Caliber: 9mm Weight: 3.75kg Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 900¥ Street Index: 1

This new Heckler & Koch submachine gun is a dedicated compact assault weapon. Its small size and heavy firepower make it ideal for small scale covert operations and hostage rescue teams. It's standard features include a folding stock, gas vent 3, and integral smartgun link.

>>>>>[ It's small size and lower recoil makes it a great weapon 
of choice for us 'runners of the fairer sex. ]<<<<<
        --  Nitro <16:05:49/7-18-54>

>>>>>[ Yeah, well this member of the "fairer sex" can probably 
bench press you and your Westwind!  I think I can handle the 
"manly assault weapons"! ]<<<<<
        --  Cherry <12:32:45/7-19-54>

Kalishnikov AK-101
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: 2 Ammo: 30 (m) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 5.5mm Weight: 5.5kg Avail: 8/4days
Cost: 1,600¥ Street Index: 2

The newest assault rifle in the Kalishnikov line. This rifle has been adopted as the new Russian army assault rifle. Featuring the now standard 5.5mm round as well as gas vent 2, laser sight and optional smartgun link, this rifle promises to be a significant improvement over the AK97-98/100 series.

>>>>>[ The Pinko-Commies make a nice gun. ]<<<<<
        --  Texan <23:48:27/6-24-54>

Seco M-995
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: N/A Ammo: 30 (c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 5.5mm Weight: 5.75kg Avail: 10/4days
Cost: 3,000¥ Street Index: 3

The Israelis do it again with the Seco M-995. This state of the art assault system is excellent for government(army) or corporate strike team applications. This potent, compact assualt weapon has many features, most of which are standard. These features include: mini-grenade launcher, rangefinder grenade link, gas vent recoil suppression (level 3), and integral laser sight or smartgun link (6000¥).

>>>>>[ Hee,hee,hee, look at all those toys.  I want one! ]<<<<<
        --  Slick <11:12:23/01-21-54>
>>>>>[ Yeah, it ALMOST has enough drek on it. ]<<<<<
        --  Hardware <13:14:59/02-09-54>

Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: NYET Ammo: 40 (c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 7.5mm Weight: 5kg Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 2,000¥ Street Index: 2

Not to be outdone by the increase in rifle/grenade systems present on the market today, Fabrique Nationale comes out with the FN-ARGL. This weapon follows the market trends for a light compact weapon system with heavy firepower. This rifle features a mini-grenade launcher, laser sight, mag 2 imaging scope,and gas vent 2.

>>>>>[ I can't get my hands around this one.  Maybe they should 
try troll-sized handles. ]<<<<<
        --  Blech <23:42:57/10-06-54>

>>>>>[ Trolls are so stupid! ]<<<<<
        --  Iron Fist <00:43:21/10-07-54>

>>>>>[ Slow and painful, chummer.  Slow and painful. ]<<<<<
        --  Blech <20:21:02/10-07-54>

Kalishnikov AK-100
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: N/A Ammo: 30 (c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 7.5mm Weight: 5.75kg Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 1,000¥ Street Index: 2

This is the second generation of the Ak-97/98 series. It features a bullpup design accompanied by gas vent 2 and optional smartgun link (2000¥). This is a very reliable design but it has recently been overshadowed by the more modern AK-101 just recently developed by Kalishnikov.

Mossberg M-712 Multi-Weapon System
Type: Assault/Shotgun Conceal: N/A Ammo: 35/15 (c) Mode: Special
Damage: 8M/10S Caliber: 5.5mm/12 gauge Weight: 6kg Avail: 12/7days
Cost: 4,000¥ Street Index: 3

Mossberg stunned the market this year with its M-712 MWS. This revolutionary new assault rifle combines the range and effectiveness of an assault rifle with the close-in support capability of a shotgun. However, Mossberg didn't stop there. To go with the shotgun, they developed 12 gauge mini-grenades for heavy firepower. Other features of this weapon are integral smartgun link, gas vent 2 (on the rifle), and mag 2 imaging scope.

Game notes: the rate of fire for the rifle is SA/BF/FA and the rate for the shotgun is SA. The minigrenades do 8S for defensive and offensive, and 10m for concussion. Treat as mini-grenades for legality and cost.

>>>>>[ Jack of all trades, master of none ('cept cost) if 
you ask me. ]<<<<<
        --  Hardware <12:02:43/01-02-54>

Ares Wippet
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 4 Ammo: 6 (m) Mode: SA
Damage: 6M/9M Caliber: .410 gauge Weight: 2kg Avail: 5/36hrs
Cost: 1,500¥ Street Index: 1.5

Ares comes at us again with this somewhat exotic personal defense weapon. A twin barrel .410 shotgun that loads from an underbarrel box magazine, for that extra edge in self defense. Both barrels can be fired simultaneously, but Ares discourages those who are lighter in build not to do so as the recoil can be a bit much for some. Shot - 6M, slug - 9M.

>>>>>[ I came across one of these cuties on a run recently; 
the poor slob tried takin' my head off with both barrels: 
the recoil pert' near took his hand off.  I keep it in the 
car in case I ever get *really* desperate.  Nice compact 
man-stopper, tho. ]<<<<<
        --  Prophet <22:21:53/8-22-54>

Remington 1628
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 4 Ammo: 8 (m) Mode: SS
Damage: 8S Caliber: 16 gauge Weight: 3kg Avail: 3/24hrs
Cost: 500¥ Street Index: 1

This shotgun is an ideal defensive firearm for anyone who needs reliable firepower. Its high capacity and firepower make it a threat for any assailant or intruder. The 1628 will accept the full range of 16 gauge ammunition and firearm accessories.

>>>>>[ Vanilla, but reliable. ]<<<<<
       --  Victor <06:12:31/03-12-54>

Ranger Arms Security 12
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 3 Ammo: 15 (c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 10S Caliber: 12 gauge Weight: 4.5kg Avail: 10/8days
Cost: 2,000¥ Street Index: 2

This new weapon from Ranger Arms combines the firepower of a shotgun and that of fully-automatic rifle into a very lethal addition to any security team's arsenal. Features include: integral laser sight, folding stock, and gas vent 2.

>>>>>[ This thing HURTS!  Ruined a damn good rigid breast 
plate!  'Course it looks real good on my wall too...'specially 
with all that blood on it.  (His, not mine.) ]<<<<<
        --  Texan <02:42:52/06-12-54>

Remington Rapid Assault 12
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 3 Ammo: 15 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 10S Caliber: 12 gauge Weight: 4.5kg Avail: 12/8days
Cost: 2,000¥ Street Index: 2

Another new entry into the world shotgun collection, except with a new twist. This new Remington weapon features the now standard features of modern assault shotguns with the addition of the Ares Smartchoke(TM). Standard features include burst fire, and smartgun link.

>>>>>[ "State-of-the-art bang-bang." ]<<<<<
        --  Hardware <04:21:54/04-24-54>

Chandler Capture 100
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 3 Ammo: 10 (m) Mode: SA
Damage: 10S Caliber: 10 gauge Weight: 4kg Avail: 4/24hrs
Cost: 1,500¥ Street Index: 2

An excellent assault shotgun. It has been used by many different police forces in seizure raids to great satisfaction. Comes standard with Shock Pads and Improved Gas Vent 2, so sustained fire is a little easier on the wielder. A Smartgun variant is also available for 2,200¥.

Note: This one was in the SR1 "Blue Book", but did not make it to the SR2 rule book. These stats are converted from SR1 to SR2. We present it here so that those who don't have the original can at least have the Capture.

Heckler & Koch PSG-65
Type: Sniper Conceal: N/A Ammo: 20 (m) Mode: SA
Damage: 14S Caliber: .655 cal Weight: 6kg Avail: 12/7days
Cost: 7,000¥ Street Index: 4

This advanced weapon is the new sniper rifle of Tir Tairngire. It chambers the now common .655 caliber round and builds around it a marvel of advanced firearms design. With no optional features, this rifle utilizes gas vent 2, integral smartgun link, and mag optics level 3 with integral lowlight and thermographic circuitry.

>>>>>[ Now really, we elves wouldn't use such a nasty weapon 
as this, would we? ]<<<<<
        --  Flash <01:27:54/11-23-54>

>>>>>[ Oh no!  Of course not!  (Feel the sarcasm drip offa 
that one.) ]<<<<<
        --  Hunter <02:24:21/12-24-54>

IWS Assault 20
Type: Assault Cannon Conceal: N/A Ammo: 20 (m) Mode: SA
Damage: 18D Caliber: 20mm Weight: 16kg Avail: 16/14days
Cost: 7,200¥ Street Index: 2

Made exclusively for military and corporate security units, this massive assault weapon claims one hundred percent takedown capability verses soft targets and excellent light armored vehicle destruction potential. Standard features are hip shock pads (rating 1) and improved gas vent 4. It will accept a full range of non-standard features. Integrated Weapon Systems: We Got The BIG Stuff.

Source note: For those of you who are Appleseed fans, this is Matt's representation of one of Briarios' guns.

>>>>>[ Lissen up, terms!  This here beauty is 100% fun!  
They don't lie about it's capabilities; I got the chance to play 
with one a couple months ago and had a blast! ]<<<<<
        --  Bunker <02:43:12/8-29-54>

>>>>>[ Where the frag did *you* get hold of an IWS-20, Bunker?! ]<<<<<
        --  Zephyr <17:21:11/9-03-54>

>>>>>[ Chums, term, chums. ]<<<<<
        --  Bunker <22:36:42/9-05-54>

IWS Mini-5
Type: LMG (Minigun) Conceal: NO WAY Ammo: 100+(belt) Mode: FA
Damage: 7S Caliber: 5.5mm Weight: 14kg Avail: 24/14days
Cost: 13,000¥ Street Index: 2

Designed to compete with the Ares Vindicator minigun, this entry by IWS is a definite match. Its heavy firepower is accompanied by light weight, and laser sight or optional smartgun link (26000¥). Integrated Weapon Systems: We Got The BIG Stuff.

>>>>>[ I think I'm beginning to like these IWS folks.  The Mini-5 is a sight
for sore eyes. The real advantage this beauty has is an improved ammo-
feeding system which reduces the possibility of a jam during feeding.  Believe
me, this was a welcome sight after Mr. Vindicator shut up on me a couple
months ago down south. I wonder if they take trade-ins? ]<<<<<
        --  Bunker <03:10:16/10-04-54>

>>>>>[ Bunker, I thought I told you not to mention that job, EVER! ]<<<<<
        --  Prophet <18:44:26/10-05-54>

>>>>>[ What is it with Orks and BIG GUNS? ]<<<<<
        --  Iron Fist <12:31:06/11-01-54>

>>>>>[ I think it's Freudian or something. ]<<<<<
        --  Prophet <04:45:12/11-05-54>

>>>>>[ ?!?!?!? ]<<<<<
        --  Bunker <05:12:22/11-06-54>

Ares Suppressor Automatic Grenade Launcher
Type: Grenade Launcher Conceal: N/A Ammo: 12 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: as gren Caliber: 30mm Grenade Weight: 7kg Avail: 18/14days
Cost: 3,400¥ Street Index: 3

Ares again breaks ground in the heavy weapons market. The Suppressor features burst fire capability for devastating firepower. This weapon has a standard integral laser sight, optional rangefinder grenade link (4300¥), integral smartgun link (6800¥), or smartlink/grenade link combo (7700¥).

>>>>>[ BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! They're dead! ]<<<<<
        --  Bad Karma <19:24:36/11-25-54>

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