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This collection of ravings is meant to describe more fully many of the things that the "Folks at FASA" left out, inadvertantly or not. There are some descriptions that are specific to one or more of the campaigns I play in, and a few things are just plain made up (then again, so is Shadowrun!). Some things described herein, like the segment on Oceania, are included as brand new to spice things up a little. Just a goad to FASA to crank out a Japanese sourcebook (hey, the world is heavily influenced by Japanese culture, so where's the sourcebook?). By the way, SWO is now in posession of a Japanese edition of the Shadowrun rule book (even has the ROLL PLAYING GAME tag on the top) and a translator. When we get done, I'll post the stuff from it about Japan that it has within.

No new rules will be presented in this material. It is only a discussion with some clarifications thrown in.

By the way, FASA, I found those bugs you carelessly left in and around our gaming area. Nice try...

-- Mike Loseke, mike@swo.com

Please mail me any comments or additions/corrections you may have. This is for everyone!

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