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High Fashion

Cosmetic Surgery

As the average lifespan grows longer, people look towards cosmetic surgery more and more often to retain their youthfulness. These types of operations include the classic plastic surgery effects (nose jobs and tummy tucks), only done with more precision, longer lasting effects and faster healing times.


This is a subject I've always liked in both Shadowrun and CP:2020.

This has turned into a fashionable thing to do as well. The trend was probably started by Michael Jackson (the singer) with his well documented "Race Change". He began life as a normal African-American male and died indistinguishable from a very pale and thin caucasian. Loyal fans believe that he is still alive.

This practice has drastically changed since that time though. Some people have combined this with tatooing and come up with full skin re-pigmentation. Anyone can have the perfect permanent tan for the right price. Or even a nice tiger- or zebra-striped motif. Some of the less reputable clinics have gone ahead, without proper approval, and begun grafting some animal material onto willing human subjects. Quite a sub-culture has popped up around this practice. Tails, ears, whiskers... Most anything and everything is being done by someone somewhere. Rumor has it that some experimenting with eyes and other internal organs has been going on in Japan...


Alot of wanna-be fashion has popped up as well. Alot of poser gangs get minor cosmetic surgery done to give themselves elf-looking ears, or orc-looking fangs (why not?). Many people routinely get minor structural modifications done to look a little like whatever trid-star is currently all the rave.

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