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Soy Products

Soy products have become such a large part of everyday life to most people that most people don't think about exactly what it is that they're eating. A few people have even developed allergic reactions to soy and must eat real food. They know exactly what it is and what to watch out for.

Soy, originally grown from soy beans by farmers in the mid-west, became a cost-effective filler for food products. Food companies began to use it because it increased their profit. With more underwater research and less land available to be farmed in the mid-west, food companies discovered a way too grow extremely large amounts of a mutated soybean in the Oceans. Kelp farms were quickly replaced by floating and submerged soy farms.

Further developments allowed for food products to be made almost completely from soy. This was a boon to the food companies, as well as the farmers. A lower demand was put on the already stressed farmers and ranchers for quality real food, which allowed them to raise prices. This was fine with the large food companies as they could basically force people to buy their soy products.

Pork -- The Other White Meat!

Pork is a big staple in several areas. Almost as big as soy in some. Not much to say here. Just that pork is a really good source of nutrition and alot can be done with it.

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