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SWO Guns II: SMG's

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StreetArms Auger
Type: SMG Conceal: 5 Ammo: 30(m) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 7mm Magnum Weight: 3-4kg Avail: 6/24 hrs
Cost: 750¥ Street Index: 1

The Auger is a sub-machinegun sized weapon that is designed for the heavy-firepower lovers out there (you know who you are). The designers took the venerable 7mm magnum round, built a reliable combustible casing around it then designed a hard-hitting weapon system to deliver it. The high points about the Auger include: compact size, reliability, strength and the obvious advantage of having assault rifle power and capacity in a sub-machinegun package.

The StreetArms factory can cast this in either an steel/aluminium package (4kg) or a plastic-nylon weave (3kg). Neither design lacks any reliability or robustness. Some people like them heavier and some like them lighter without the added signature that metals can give off. The steel/aluminium version is a little easier on the recoil due to its higher mass, but that is the only difference between the two.

Notes: The Auger is capable of select-fire (SA/BF/FA) and comes with integral shock-pads and gas-vent level 3 to help compensate for the higher-than-normal recoil. The plastic-nylon model gets a +1 to recoil due to its lighter weight. Both come standard with integral Smartgun circuitry.

(>) Someone's been reading the suggestion box. I've been looking for this kind of compact firepower for a few years now. I'd just like to say "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart.
(>) Cannibal

(>) I, for one, don't want to know what's down there...
(>) Simon

Taurus GB-55
Type: SMG Conceal: 4 Ammo: 32(m) Mode: BF/FA
Damage: 6M Caliber: 9mm Weight: 3 Avail: 4/24 hrs
Cost: 650¥ Street Index: .75

Next to the UZI III, The GB-55 is probably the most common low-end SMG on the streets today. Like the UZI, this weapon has a reputation for reliability and economy. While many other SMG's offer better features and accuracy, the GB-55 is almost always available. Not to be outdone by other dealers, we offer an incredible 30% off on orders of 30 or more.

(>) This is another great cache weapon. Talk about hard to trace...
(>) Chivato

H&K Type 75
Type: SMG Conceal: 5 Ammo: 30(m) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 7M Caliber: 6mm Weight: 3 Avail: 8/48 hrs
Cost: 1,400¥ Street Index: 2
H&K Type 75

In the late 30's Heckler & Koch introduced a slightly different model to its submachinegun class. It was entered into the competition that Interpol's SOU (Special Operations Unit) was coordinating to come up with a new multi-purpose weapon that would lighten the load of their average operative.

The Type 75 is a compact system, reminiscent of the venerable Colt Commando and H&K's own MP-5SD. It has a stock that collapses from a full-open length of 12 inches to a fully closed length of 2 inches without sacrificing any strength. The shock pad is also only one centimeter thick with the effectiveness of a normal shock pad. Gas venting is handled in a redundant series of evacuator chambers throughout the integral sound suppression system to the point where no flash is visible to the naked eye. The result of venting gases through the unique multiple chamber system also helps to reduce the supersonic crack of rounds being fired. The audible sound is actually quiter than that of a sub-sonic round and only the sound of the action is detectable past three meters.

Notes: The Type 75 comes standard with smartgun electronics, a shock pad, integral gas vent II and a sound suppressor. The sound suppressor and gas vent system are a permanent part of the weapon and cannot be removed or upgraded.

(>) Ah, yes. I remember putting this weapon through the trials. Too bad it wasn't the one chosen. The politics at the time decided that if the operatives liked it then there must be something wrong with it.
(>) Old Timer

(>) Sounds to me like a nice partner for those tight close spaces like air venting and whatnot.
(>) Chivato

Steyr SS60
Type: SMG Conceal: 4 Ammo: 30(c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 7M Caliber: 10mm Weight: 3.5 Avail: 6/36 hrs
Cost: 1,000¥ Street Index: 2

The Steyr SS60 is a compact reliable SMG that has come into favor with small corporate units worldwide. The bullpup design of the weapon allows for a longer barrel than most SMG's and performs more like a rifle than a submachine gun. The weapon comes standard with smartgun electronics and GasVent-2 recoil compensation.

(>) Yep, you see these things all over the place. Nothing the Man likes more than compact firepower.
(>) Roaster

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