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SWO Guns II: Special Weapons

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Type: Rifle/SMG/GL Conceal: N/A Ammo: 30(c)/30(c)x2/6(t) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M/7M/10S Caliber: 6mm/9mm/40mm Weight: 12 Avail: 12/14 days
Cost: 5,000¥ Street Index: 3

A few of our R&D engineers got a wild hair up their collective arse and came up with a weapon previously seen only in the imagination of various comic and animation artists: the Caracal. We don't know why they named it after the desert lynx, but who can argue with the results? It's the amalgamation of a full size assault rifle, two sub-machineguns and a grenade launcher into a single weapon system. The different thing about this system is that the overall length is shortened by placing the handgrip in almost the center of the weapon and building the frame around it, containing the barrels, venting, electronics, ammo and firing mechanisms. A tight fit is ensured by an air-pressurization system that activates upon smartgun linkage.

The user places their firing arm (left or right) into the cavity at the rear and makes contact with the control grip. The smartgun electronics, interfaced on the control grip, control all aspects of the weapon as otherwise it would be quite difficult to manage that type of firepower. Only one system can be be used at a time, but the twin SMGs are linked and fire at the same target at the same time. The linkage design is just short of genius as it has a parallax-nullification system to ensure that both barrels are shooting at the same target.

We apologize to those bigger folks out there, but this design only allows for a forearm of a certain size limit to fit in the system. The designers tell us that they are working on a bigger model, just for trolls. We can't wait to see it!

Notes: The rifle system has a 30 round clip, the twin SMG system has two seperate 30 round clips and the grenade launcher has a 6 round tube (much like some hunting shotguns). The grenade launcher can only fire in SS mode. Treat the twin-SMG system as a single weapon for purposes of firing but treat damage like normal for the amount of rounds being fired (e.g. if two three-round bursts are fired, treat it like a six-round burst for recoil and damage).

(>) I've heard that some lifer mercenaries have outfitted themselves with two smartgun links and specialized reflex coordinators so that they can use two of these things at a time.
(>) Chains

(>) No cheese? Madre dios, I'm glad I don't work with those guys.
(>) Chivato

(>) I guess you haven't heard the news...
(>) Gabriel

General Electric M-72 Incendiary Device
Type: Flamethrower Conceal: N/A Ammo: 10(m) Mode: SA/FA
Damage: 14M/10L Caliber: N/A Weight: 5.5 Avail: 12/10 days
Cost: 2,000¥ Street Index: 3

The M-72 ID is an old but extremely effective portable flame-thrower that was produced for the UCAS Army. This weapon had served admirably in various conflicts and has seen action all over the globe. After a short service life, it was decided that the modern UCAS army did not have a need for a portable flame-thrower. Then with the dawning of the Sixth World, the practicality of an incendiary device was truly realized. The UCAS military has begun deploying the weapon at the squad level as a general incendiary device and anti-paranormal creature weapon. The weapon uses a compressed air system that projects napalm up to 15 meters from the gunner. The weapon may be used to hose an area, or it can fire short bursts for pinpoint incineration. This weapon has become a favorite of shadowrunners and bounty hunters worldwide and StreetArms is proud to offer the M-72.

Notes: The damage for the M-72 depends on the fire mode used. The base damage (14M) is for a short burst of flame. The secondary damage listed (10L) is for the continuing damage caused by the burning napalm. This secondary effect lasts for 15 combat turns. The weapon may also fire in a sort of full auto mode that requires a complex action but increases the damage to 18S with the same secondary damage as above. The short flame bursts use up one shot from the magazine and full auto rate uses 5 shots from the magazine. If the character using this weapon takes a moderate or greater wound from any heat or flame, the magazine will explode and do damage to the operator equivalent to a full auto burst from the weapon, including the secondary damage.

(>) ...
(>) Firestarter

Ares MicroSquirt
Type: Holdout Conceal: 9 Ammo: 5 Mode: SA
Damage: Varies Caliber: 5mm Weight: .25 Avail: 12/10 days
Cost: 550¥ Street Index: 2
Ares MicroSquirt

The MicroSquirt is an evil little design from Ares that we at StreetArms liked so much that we had to liberate a shipment of them. The weapon is a chemical delivery system that used a mixed chemical/DMSO pellets and compressed air to deliver its payload. Chemicals in the MicroSquirt are mixed in a special container (included with the weapon) and then injected into gelatin capsules (20Y for 100) which are loaded into the gun. A small compressed air cartridge powers the whole arrangement. The MicroSquirt is too small to accept any accessories except customization.

(>) Reminds me of the trick we used to do with NarcoJet pistols and Trauma patch drugs...
(>) Baron

Winter Systems Restraint Cannon
Type: Vortex Gun Conceal: N/A Ammo: 25(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 12S Stun Caliber: 40mm Weight: 15 Avail: 14/30 days
Cost: 7,000¥ Street Index: 4
Winter Systems Restraint Cannon

The Winter Systems Restraint Cannon is one of a new type of weapons called vortex guns. Vortex Guns use an explosive charge to generate a doughnut shaped shock wave that can knock over and stun (Meta)humans at short to medium ranges. The shock wave generated by the Restraint Cannon has three very desirable features for a stun gun. First, the shock wave expands with range so that multiple targets may be engaged at the weapons optimal distance. Secondly, the weapon is non-lethal except at point-blank range. Last, but most significantly, the ring-shaped shock wave is a perfect carrier for crowd control chemicals because the air movement in the ring keeps the chemicals inside the wave until it is disrupted by an object in its path. The Restraint Cannon is a crew served weapon the can be used in any situation where non-lethal methods are necessary to keep the peace. StreetArms occasionally gets one of these in stock so keep checking our local catalog for availability.

Rules: Vortex guns are stun weapons that use the shotgun range tables. The weapon does 12S Stun damage and is treated as a shotgun with a choke of 4 for purposes of determining damage and spread at increasing range. The ammunition for the weapon consists of small explosive charges that do impose heavy weapon recoil modifiers. The weapon is also equipped with a chemical reservoir that will hold up to 50 doses of any chemical. Typically, law enforcement departments will load 50 doses of their favorite crowd control chemical like tear gas, or they will use 25 doses of an injected chemical like MAO and include 25 doses of DMSO. The effect of the chemical is calculated after the initial stun damage is assessed.

(>) Try breakin' into my garage now, you wannabe street pizzas!
(>) Buck Naked

(>) Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed...
(>) Nitro

Winter Systems Restraint Carbine
Type: Vortex Gun Conceal: 2 Ammo: 10(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 10S Stun Caliber: 40mm Weight: 7 Avail: 14/30 days
Cost: 2,500¥ Street Index: 4
Winter Systems Restraint Carbine

The success of the Restraint Cannon prompted Winter Systems to design a smaller more portable version of their crew served vortex gun. The Restraint Carbine is a less powerful weapon, but it can be carried and used by a single operator. If used within its accepted range, the Restraint Carbine is actually a more effective weapon because of its portability. The weapon comes standard with a low light and thermographic sight, and can be outfitted with a smartgun link. Much like the Restraint Cannon, we only occasionally see these weapons so check up with us for availability.

Rules: Use the same rules as for the Restraint Cannon except the damage is 10S Stun. The effective range is that of a heavy pistol. The effective choke is 3. The chemical reservoir only may hold up to 24 doses of chemicals. In addition, smartguns only provide a -1 to target numbers instead of the usual -2.

(>) ...and a few of these, with mods, would go well on a vehicle or two. Watch out, gangers!
(>) Buck Naked

(>) Careful there, short guy. Some gangers can read, you know.
(>) Cannibal

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