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SWO Guns II: Pistols

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Fabrique-Nationale PA-10
Type: Light Pistol Conceal: 6/4 Ammo: 15/30(m) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 6L Caliber: 9mm Weight: 1.5/2 Avail: 10/5 days
Cost: 1,000¥ Street Index: 3

The PA-10 is one of the most common military and security sidearms of Europe. The weapon has become popular because it is compact, reliable, and is capable of fully automatic fire. European Megacorps will typically use this pistol because it is small but on autofire it packs a wallop. Fabrique-Nationale produces a model with GasVent-2 and laser sight, or GasVent-2 and smartgun link. For both models, they manufacture an extended 30 round magazine (conceal 4).

(>) Good sidearm, for any purpose. It's simple and it works. Having the full-auto capability is nice too.
(>) Jarhead

Ares GAP-9
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 10(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 10M Caliber: 9mm GA Weight: 2.75 Avail: 14/14 days
Cost: 2,000¥ Street Index: 4
Ares GAP-9

The Ares GAP-9 is the latest attempt by the arms market to build an effective guided ammunition small arm. Designed for law enforcement personnel, this advanced pistol uses special ammunition that locks on to a target and may make small course changes in flight in order to hit that target. In order to do this; the weapon system uses special advances in technology. First, the weapon has a micronized EM field detector that is capable of recognizing the unique EM fields generated by all people and animals. This detector locks onto the target selected by the operator through the use of the integral smartgun link. Next the weapon downloads the EM field pattern into a microcomputer located in the ammunition itself. Once loaded, the ammunition uses this pattern to track the target. Course changes in flight are regulated by the microcomputer and facilitated by small piezo-electric "tendons" that actually alter the shape of the projectile in flight and allow it to make minor course changes. The rounds of the GAP-9 are 9mm in diameter but are actually much larger than a standard 9mm round in order to fit all of the detection equipment in. A small explosive charge has been added in order to ensure efficient takedown. The entire process of target acquisition, EM detection, and firing take only slightly longer than the average target acquisition time for trained law enforcement personnel. Average officers will find that after a short period, that the GAP-9 will perform as quickly and more efficiently than other less advanced weapons. Ares offers a free training program for police precincts that order this fine weapon as an upgrade from their current arms.

Well that's the drek from the Ares catalog on this new weapon. We at StreetArms have seen a few of these and can attest to their effectiveness. The weapon has proven to be more accurate than traditional arms and has the side benefit of being slightly safer to fire in crowds. We currently have a few of these in stock as well as a sizeable supply of ammunition. Order yours today and we will include a copy of the Ares virtual training manual for the GAP-9.

Note: the rules for the GAP-9 ammunition will be included in the munitions section.

(>) Well, of course Ares is training police and military, as well as outfitting them with this new weapon. They're only doing what arms companies have been doing for years; creating a revenue stream that is self renewing. The folks who buy into this will be paying for it for years.
(>) Chivato

(>) Heck, I don't think that this sort of thing has a place in the shadows. It would surely mark you as an amatuer.
(>) Bunker

(>) Why's that?
(>) Silverado

(>) If you can't hit what you're aiming at then you need more practice, not more expensive weaponry.
(>) Bunker

(>) Actually, I think that it's just used in the wrong application here. It would probably work better in rifles.
(>) Jarhead

Colt Gladius .357 Magnum
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 6 Ammo: 6(cyl) Mode: SA
Damage: 9M Caliber: .357 mag Weight: 2 Avail: 3/24 hrs
Cost: 250¥ Street Index: 1
Colt Gladius .357 Magnum

The death of the revolver has been debated by gun enthusiasts and usually to the detriment of the venerable wheelgun. If the service life of the Gladius is any indication, the revolver will live on for decades. More law enforcement personnel have used this weapon for a backup gun than any other gun including autoloaders. The Gladius has been sold in nearly every country in the world and has spawned more knockoffs than almost any other weapon. The reason for all of this attention is that the Gladius is probably the most reliable weapon you can buy. It simply does not fail. When you combine that with the punch of the .357 magnum round and great concealability for its class, you have a weapon that can hardly be beat. StreetArms has these in stock constantly and offers a 25% discount on all orders of 25 or more.

(>) Check out the Heckler & Koch GL-6 to see MY answer to the "death of the revolver" debate.
(>) Hardware

Walther Hammer
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 20(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 10M Caliber: 12mm Weight: 2.75 Avail: 8/24 hrs
Cost: 1,100¥ Street Index: 3
Walther Hammer

Walther is known worldwide for its slimline, concealable pistols. The Hammer heavy pistol is a definite departure from light holdout pistols. The frame of this pistol is large and robust in order to handle the punishing recoil of the massive 12mm round that has become all the rage these days. In addition to a powerful cartridge, Walther uses a high capacity helical magazine that gives the Hammer a larger magazine than any superheavy pistol on the market today. Combine these features with integral smartgun electronics and you have one of the best pistols that you can buy.

(>) Oh yes. Be careful what trolls wish for, they might just get it.
(>) Tiny

Enfield Lightning Machine Pistol
Type: Light Pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 25(c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 6L Caliber: .380 ACP Weight: 2 Avail: 6/36 hrs
Cost: 800¥ Street Index: 3

Enfield designed the Lighting at the request of the British Army in order to fill the need for a light service pistol that could provide heavy firepower if necessary. By building the weapon with a large ammo capacity and auto-fire capability, Enfield was awarded the contract and the Lightning has been adopted by the British military. The weapon comes from the factory with only a laser sight, and the weapons are generally modified to fit each departments need. These weapons are fairly common with British runners and mercenaries and are considered reliable and rugged. StreetArms is proud to offer this fine weapon. Order yours today!

(>) This thing is pretty wiz. It's a bit like an Ingram Super Mach, but smaller.
(>) Cannibal

Colt M-1911 A3
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 5 Ammo: 7(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 9M Caliber: .45 ACP Weight: 2 Avail: 6/24 hrs
Cost: 500¥ Street Index: 1
M-1911 A3

Look familiar? It should. This is a brand new version of the definitive semi-automatic pistol. Our designers recently perfected the mold for Colt's M-1911 A1 and are ready to turn out the new version by the thousands. The new modifications to this immortal model include only a slightly modified upper receiver (to enable it to use Firepower ammo) and a re-arranged handgrip-frame layout to enable it to accomodate the integral Smartgun circuitry. The Smartgun optics run through the receiver to the front of the weapon, so you won't notice any difference from the original until you tear it down.

(>) My grandad used to have a couple A1s he used in match shooting when he was a kid. I always loved those things. I think I'll buy 30.
(>) Chains

Makarov '57
Type: light pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 25(c) Mode: BF/FA
Damage: 6L Caliber: 9mm Weight: 2 Avail: 6/36 hrs
Cost: 650¥ Street Index: 2
Makarov '57

One of the newest models from the Russian arms factories is the Makarov '57. This light pistol is based off a century old pistol design of the old Soviet Union. The two primary features of the Makarov are selectable fully automatic fire capability mated with a high density 25 round helical magazine. This weapon has become a favorite of both eastern European military officers and security personnel. This weapon has started to make inroads into the North American arms market and StreetArms is happy to bring you a brand new shipment. Order now, supplies are limited!

(>) The '57 is a good weapon for those gunfights you don't want to get into. Nothing like effective suppressive fire that fits in a shoulder holster.
(>) Prophet

StreetArms "Impact" 12gauge over/under shotgun pistol
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 4 Ammo: 2(br) Mode: SS
Damage: 10S Caliber: 10 gauge Weight: 2 Avail: 3/24 hrs
Cost: 450¥ Street Index: 1
over/under shotgun pistol

Everybody knows that shotguns are one of the most effective weapons to use on the street where people wear mostly light body armor. We took one of the perennial favorites, the sawed off double barrel shotgun and rebuilt it for the sixth world. Our version is an over/under model to increase concealability. Then we added an integral smartlink and smartchoke to increase accuracy and hitting power. What resulted was a pistol-sized shotgun that virtually guarantees a takedown versus most targets. Much like the "Thunder" grenade pistol, this shotgun became an immediate favorite among orks and trolls working the streets of our fair cities. We also offer a complete line of 10 gauge ammunition to enhance the flexibility of this fine weapon.

(>) I guess "most targets" doesn't include trolls.
(>) Bleckh

(>) Thank God.
(>) Stretch

Ruger "Pug" Heavy Holdout Pistol
Type: Holdout Conceal: 7 Ammo: 7(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 7M Caliber: .40 cal Weight: 1.75 Avail: 5/36 hrs
Cost: 400¥ Street Index: 2

Mercs, cops and bounty hunters worldwide have always needed a reliable backup pistol that packed the firepower necessary to take down the largest of targets. For years, their search has been in vain. They either got low power but highly concealable holdouts or they had to settle for less concealable heavy pistols. Now, Ruger offers the "Pug" heavy holdout pistol. Ruger has designed a compact frame around the very powerful .40cal round in order to bring you the most powerful pistol in its class. This pistol performs at levels very near those of standard size heavy pistols, but offers concealability as good as all but the smallest of holdouts. The "Pug" is available in standard model or may be accessorized with all standard pistol add-ons. StreetArms currently has a large supply of these pistols and is offering a 20% discount on all accessories and customizations on any purchase.

(>) It looks like it's time to upgrade the hold-outs! I might just get the bulk discount for this order.
(>) Chains

Seco M-85
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 15(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 9M Caliber: 11mm Weight: 2.5 Avail: 4/24 hrs
Cost: 550¥ Street Index: 1
Seco M-85

Another hit from the designers at Seco. The M-85 11mm pistol is a battle proven service pistol that has proved its reliability under the most extreme circumstances. This weapon was designed for the Israeli Defense Force and has become a soldier's favorite because of its firepower and hardiness. Seco has only now been able to release this fine pistol into the general market after completing their exclusive contract with the IDF. The M-85 should sell very well in the merc and bounty hunter market where function is more important than fashion. The black macroplast frame and indestructible laser sight are the epitome of practicality in a market where chrome usually outshines reliability. StreetArms has a large cache of these weapons available and recommends them highly for their reliability and disposability. We also offer all available pistol accessories for the M-85.

(>) So I have a question. If an unstoppable cybered-up, bio'ed-out, drug-crazed troll street samurai force meets an indestructible laser sight object, what happens? And if the laser sights ARE indestructible, can I get some indestructible laser sight armor?
(>) Rhetoricus Excrementious

Ceska Skorpion S
Type: Light Pistol Conceal: 5 Ammo: 42(c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 6L Caliber: 9mm Weight: 3 Avail: 6/36
Cost: 900¥ Street Index: 2
Ceska Skorpion S

Ceska's newest design is based on their wildly popular Black Skorpion MP, and has added many new features that make an already good gun an even better one. The Skorpion S has several new features that bring it up to par with the best of its class, and it still remains one of the best priced weapons on the market. New features include caseless ammunition for better magazine capacity, a smartgun system, and integral sound suppressor. Given the quality and price of this weapon, we expect it to sell well and will do our best to keep it in stock so that you don't have to wait to get yours.

(>) Nice, this model has been in need of an upgrade for quite some time. Not too much, but just enough.
(>) Prophet

Steyr GB-50
Type: Light Pistol Conceal: 7 Ammo: 18(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 6L Caliber: 9mm Weight: 1 Avail: 6/36 hrs
Cost: 500¥ Street Index: 2
Steyr GB-50

The Steyr GB-50 is considered by many experts to be in the top 10 pistols ever designed. Its bench test results consistently show unparalleled accuracy and hundreds of testimonials from mercs and bounty hunters world wide are a tribute to its reliability. This weapon is easily concealed because of its slimline design and Steyr offers free customization for the weapon, which we at StreetArms are happy to honor as long as they are in stock. Customization requires an extra "delivery meeting", but their is no extra charge. The GB-50 accepts all pistol accessories and ammunition.

(>) No better sidearm has ever been made. Sure, it's not as powerful as most but accuracy counts for a lot.
(>) Silverado

Smith & Wesson 2058 Combat Magnum
Type: Heavy Pistol Conceal: 4 Ammo: 8(cyl) Mode: SA
Damage: 10M Caliber: .455 Weight: 3 Avail: 5/36 hrs
Cost: 500¥ Street Index: 2

This year Smith & Wesson decided to breathe some life into the rusty old revolver and introduce the Combat Magnum. This high tech wheelgun features an eight shot cylinder and integral smartgun electronics. The best feature of this weapon however is the use of the .455 caliber round that was designed to compete directly with Ruger's 12mm pistol round. The Combat Magnum is a significant advancement from the Ruger design and promises to sell very well. StreetArms has a limited quantity of these weapons available. Order today so that you can own one of the finest pistol designs in the world.

(>) Yeehaw!
(>) Buck Naked

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