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SWO Guns II: Rifles and Shotguns

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Ranger Arms AR-20
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: 2 Ammo: 40(c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 5.5mm Weight: 5 Avail: 5/36 hrs
Cost: 1,500¥ Street Index: 2

This year, the Ranger Arms company branched out into the battle rifle market and released the AR-20 rifle. The AR-20 has all the features that are considered necessary for a modern assault rifle. The standard weapon has a smartgun system, mag-2 optics, and a minigrenade launcher. The rifle can also be customized with any standard rifle accessories. Ranger Arms could easily have a winner on its hands but the AR-20 is up against some stiff competition and may fall by the wayside unless some corporate security force picks it up.

(>) We collected a few of these on a recent escapade. Not too shabby. The grenade launcher is definitely a plus.
(>) Prophet

Beretta Model 301
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: 2 Ammo: 35(c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 5.5mm Weight: 4.5 Avail: 5/36 hrs
Cost: 1,800¥ Street Index: 3
Beretta Model 301

As one of many assault systems on the market today, the Model 301 has an immense amount of competition which, of course helps all you out their by giving you a large variety of reliable weapons to chose from. Beretta has lived up to its reputation by designing a very reliable and modern assault rifle. It has all the features that a rifle should have including GasVent-2, smartgun system, integral 6-shot minigrenade launcher, and Mag2 optics system. The beauty of this weapon is that it has all of these features but isn't nearly as bulky as most assault systems, in addition, it is a joy to shoot, and most professionals are impressed by its performance characteristics. The Model 301 has been produced in large numbers in expectation of good sales and because of that, StreetArms is offering a 10% discount per case ordered while supplies last.

(>) Whee! A new Beretta!
(>) Joyboy

(>) Some people should not breed.
(>) Baron

Browning M-30
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: 2 Ammo: 30(c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 5.56mm Weight: 5 Avail: 4/3 days
Cost: 800¥ Street Index: 2

The Browning M-30 is a rugged assault rifle designed to perform in the worst of environments. It has earned a reputation for reliability in situations where lesser rifles would malfunction. MET 2000 has labeled the M-30 the "HumVee of battle rifles" referring to the legendary reliability of our favorite off-road vehicle. The M-30 is a plain vanilla rifle that only includes a laser sight and mag-1 optics system, but StreetArms will be happy to customize the rifle with any of our rifle accessories. We generally have these fine rifles in stock and are currently offering a 25% discount for any orders of 10 or more.

(>) I'll second that. I once had to use this weapon to unass the ugliest stretch of jungle Aztlan had to throw at me and it worked great. It never once malfunctioned, even after being stepped on by something I don't want to name.
(>) Fever

Colt M-25 Assault Carbine
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: 4 Ammo: 30(m) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 5.5mm Weight: 4 Avail: 8/3 days
Cost: 1,500¥ Street Index: 2
Colt M-25 Assault Carbine

The M-25 Assault Carbine is a complete weapon system designed for special operations units. It features a shortened barrel and folding stock that reduces its overall length to that of your average submachine gun but is still chambered for the standard 5.5mm rifle round. By using a rifle round, the M-25 allows for unparalleled firepower in a small package. Colt didn't stop there however. In keeping with current military weapon design, the engineers also included an integral minigrenade launcher and mag-2 optics system. The weapon and optic system are easily upgradeable to include any optics enhancement as well as smartgun system and rangefinder grenade link. StreetArms has recently come upon a rather large number of these excellent rifles and is offering a 20% discount on orders of 25 or more.

(>) The nicest thing about this one is the folding stock. Talk about wiz going around corners on a clear and burn...
(>) Chivato

Winchester 1255 Doorbuster
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 4 Ammo: 8(m) Mode: SA
Damage: 10S Caliber: 12 gauge Weight: 3 Avail: 3/24 hrs
Cost: 400¥ Street Index: 1
Winchester 1255 Doorbuster

We at StreetArms are happy to bring you one of the most venerable weapons in the world. The Winchester Doorbuster is a decades old pump action shotgun that has withstood the test of time and is still in use worldwide. In fact recently LoneStar put in an order for several thousand of these weapons so that they could be used to fire their somewhat unstable Doorbuster rounds (hence the Doorbuster moniker). The 1255 allows Lone Star to have a reliable and cheap weapon to fire specialty rounds through. This weapon also has many advocates on the street where its reliable mechanism and heavy firepower has kept it in circulation. StreetArms always seems to have orders for these legendary weapons and has a great many in stock. The 1255 accepts all types of 12 gauge ammunition and is easily customizable.

(>) The best utility gun for the nuyen.
(>) Prophet

Enfield AS-12
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 2 Ammo: 18(cyl) Mode: SA
Damage: 10S Caliber: 12 gauge Weight: 4.25 Avail: 8/8 days
Cost: 1,300¥ Street Index: 2
Enfield AS-12

In recent years, police services worldwide have developed a need for a shotgun that has the capability to switch between several types of ammunition very quickly. Past designs were, most commonly, low capacity pump-action shotguns that were reliable but very slow. The Enfield AS-12 Riot Gun addresses this problem by using a high capacity removable cassette that can be loaded with any specialty rounds that are needed both prior to engagement or at the scene. In order to allow for quick ammo selection, the weapon has a selector switch that allows the operator to select a specific chamber at the touch of a button. For more efficient selection, the switching system may be hooked into a smartgun system which decreases switching time significantly. Aside from this revolutionary feed system, the AS-12 features new smartchoke technology that allows the weapon to fire slugs with no damage to the choke system, a MAG-1 imaging scope, and optional laser sight or Smartlink (2,100¥). These weapons are primarily available to police departments so we only have a limited supply, order yours today and keep up with The Man.

(>) Yep, here's the definitive weapon that embodies the "One riot, one Ranger" idea.
(>) Jimbo

(>) You said it, brother.
(>) Bunker

Fabrique-Nationale HS-50 Sniper Rifle
Type: Sniper Rifle Conceal: N/A Ammo: 12(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 14S Caliber: .655 Weight: 3.5 Avail: 13/12 days
Cost: 5,000¥ Street Index: 4

The HS-50 is a new high-tech sniper rifle that offers many features and unsurpassed accuracy. It was designed by the German Army and licensed to FN for manufacture. The weapon's features and ergonomic design make it one of the most comfortable and accurate weapons in its class. Features include, smartgun electronics, caseless ammunition, silencer/ flash suppressor, gyroscopic recoil compensation (rating 2), and infrared laser rangefinder.

(>) Not too bad in its stock config. It's much nicer with a few thousand nuyen worth of mods though.
(>) Espectro

(>) Don't run from a sniper: you'll just die tired.
(>) Jason

Heckler & Koch CAWS IIA
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 2 Ammo: 20(c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 10S Caliber: 12 gauge Weight: 5 Avail: 6/5 days
Cost: 1,300¥ Street Index: 2

The CAWS IIA is an old design that has been in use for decades. It was one of the first widely used automatic shotguns. The weapon has proved to be a reliable and rugged design that many soldiers have staked their lives on. Our version of the CAWS includes a smartgun link and a smartchoke. StreetArms currently has a large number of these weapons in stock and is offering a 10% discount on orders of 5 or more.

(>) Rock & Roll, as my pa used to say. Ya gotta like ammo capacity like this.
(>) Bunker

Heckler & Koch PSG-58
Type: Sniper Rifle Conceal: N/A Ammo: 10(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 14S Caliber: .655 Weight: 4 Avail: 12/7 days
Cost: 4,500¥ Street Index: 4

H&K is known worldwide for its high quality firearms. The PSG-58 is yet another of their fine designs that deserves note. This sniper rifle incorporates many modern rifle accessories and a compact design that makes it a favorite of corporate security units. The PSG-58's features include smartgun electronics, silencer, laser rangefinder, and a mag-3 imaging scope.

(>) I actually snuck one of these onto a rooftop in downtown Seattle last week for something or other. One shot, three kills. Heh.
(>) Espectro

Heckler & Koch S-10 Assault Shotgun
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 3 Ammo: 25(c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 10S Caliber: 10 gauge Weight: 7 Avail: 6/24 hrs
Cost: 1000¥ Street Index: 1
H&K S-10

Some industrious individuals recently came across some design plans for this lovely little number and were nice enough to let us in on the action. Yep, H&K is getting ready to help toughen up police and security forces around the world with this beauty, but if you place your order now you can beat them to the punch, because we fixed the bugs that they're still working on.

Designed around a new caseless 10 gauge shotgun slug, this weapon is designed for serious crowd control, entry and siezure ops, you name it. Its ergonomic design is simple to reverse for you lefties too; we just flip the mold. We'll try to keep a few in stock, but you may want to order one a little early.

The 25 round magazine makes up most of the rear of the weapon and has an integral shock pad for your comfort on the rear.

(>) That's always been the problem with conventional shotguns: lack of a good firing rate with ammo capacity comparable to that of other assault weaponry. The 10 gauge part is nice too.
(>) Prophet

(>) Xmas never comes too early, if ya ask me.
(>) Bunker

Ingram M-482 Assault Weapon System
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: 2 Ammo: 45(m)/6 Gren Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 4.5mm Weight: 5 Avail: 8/4 days
Cost: 1,700¥ Street Index: 3

Not to be outdone by other arms manufacturers, Ingram has introduced its design for the battle rifle market. The many features and compact frame make the M-482 a very desirable weapon for corporate units and it is expected to sell well even with the tough competition it faces. The features of this weapon include an integral minigrenade launcher, gyroscopic recoil compensation (rating 3), caseless 4.5mm rounds, smartgun electronics, and rangefinder grenade link. StreetArms currently has a few cases of these in stock so order now and get a 10% discount on ammunition ordered with the gun.

(>) Hot dang, another new gun with a grenade launcher already installed! Give the people what they want!
(>) Bunker

(>) Too bad the ammo's a little small. I prefer 5.5mm at a minimum.
(>) Prophet

Remington M-150
Type: Sniper Rifle Conceal: N/A Ammo: 12(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 14D Caliber: 14.5mm Weight: 9.5 Avail: 14/30 days
Cost: 4,500¥ Street Index: 5
Remington M-150

The Remington M-150 was designed to compete with the Barret Model 121 sniper rifle, and does an admirable job at doing it. The two weapons are nearly identical in performance, and proponents of each weapon generally argue about very small differences between the two. Among sharpshooters, these differences may seem large, but sales and performance of these two rifles prove that neither is definitively superior. The M-150 features integral smartgun electronics and MagImaging 3 with lowlite and thermographic capability.

Note: recoil is +2 for this weapon. Like the Barret, the ammo for the weapon is treated as APDS, and each 20 round box has an availability of the weapon.

(>) Differences between these two systems are miniscule and break down to such an extent that it doesn't really matter. One is not better than the other, they're just slightly different.
(>) Espectro

Mossberg 850
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 3 Ammo: 8(m) Mode: SA
Damage: 10S Caliber: 12 gauge Weight: 4 Avail: 3/24 hrs
Cost: 750¥ Street Index: 1

The Mossberg 850 is an autoloading / slide-action shotgun that has carved out a niche in the shotgun market based on its simplicity of design and Mossberg's large aftermarket accessory line. The 850 is sold as a basic weapon but Mossberg offers a 20% discount on all accessories that are added. When added to the reliability of the design, this weapon has become a favorite with mercenaries. StreetArms is happy to give the same 20% accessory discount as Mossberg in addition to our extensive shotgun ammunition line.

(>) Every runner should have plenty of these in trunks, closets, caches, fridges, etc. Top grade bang for your nuyen.
(>) Fever

Ruger M-32
Type: Sniper Rifle Conceal: N/A Ammo: 8(c) Mode: SA
Damage: 14S Caliber: .655 Weight: 5 Avail: 10/7 days
Cost: 3,000¥ Street Index: 3

The M-32 sniper was the first military rifle to incorporate smartgun technology. Early in its service life, it was plagued by software problems and developed a reputation for unreliability, even though later models of the rifle were not prone to failure. Because of its reputation, the M-32 was not well received in corporate circles, but the shadowrunner and mercenary community has used it extensively and successfully. Ruger's last production run of M-32's was in 2040 but StreetArms has begun manufacturing the rifle in our factory and is happy to offer it at cut-rate prices. We also offer weapon and accessory customization in any manner specified by the customer.

(>) They never asked this member of the shadowrunner community. I still hate these things.
(>) Old Timer

(>) Bitter old coot. That eye patch looks prety good on you.
(>) Bunker

Samopal vz 110v
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: 2 Ammo: 35(c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 5.5mm Weight: 5.25 Avail: 6/36 hrs
Cost: 1,400¥ Street Index: 2
Samopal vz 110v

After the successful introduction of the vz 88v-assault rifle into western markets, Samopal researched the needs of the assault rifle market and has designed the all new vz 110v rifle. Samopal continues to integrate features usually found only in western firearms and has included a built in minigrenade launcher, recoil comp 2, Mag3 optics, and smartlink in this fire battle rifle. All of this is offered at a very reasonable price that will guarantee that the vz 110v will post tremendous sales. Our sales representatives in the Czech Republic have just secured a large supply of these rifles and we are offering a discount of 20% on orders of 20 or more rifles.

(>) Great weapon if you want something out of the ordinary or if you're just feeling like a change (of M.O.).
(>) Prophet

SCK Model 200
Type: Assault Rifle Conceal: 2 Ammo: 35(c) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M Caliber: 5.5mm Weight: 4 Avail: 6/36 hrs
Cost: 1,200¥ Street Index: 2

The Model 200 is the standard compact assault rifle of the Japanese Security Forces. The weapon features an integral mag-2 imaging scope, smartgun hardware and rating 1, recoil compensation. The JSF has used this weapon for several years and it has proven to be an excellent companion to the SCK 100 SMG in all tactical situations. In addition to use by the JSF, MCT Corporation has recently purchased the model 200 in bulk and it is believed that they intend to integrate it into their security teams. StreetArms managed to secure a few cases of model 200's from MCT's shipment and we are currently taking orders.

(>) Ooh, I'm looking forward to testing one of these in a few days. It'll go nice with my 100.
(>) Nitro

Walther Sledge Automatic Shotgun
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 2 Ammo: 20(m) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 10S Caliber: 12 Gauge Weight: 4.5 Avail: 8/8 days
Cost: 1,300¥ Street Index: 3
Walther Sledge Automatic Shotgun

Using the design philosophy that made the Hammer heavy pistol, Walther has produced the Sledge automatic shotgun. This shotgun is designed to fire caseless slugs or semi-caseless shotshells, giving the weapon the flexibility of a normal shotgun and the increased magazine capacity of caseless rounds. When this is combined with a helical magazine, the Sledge has one of the largest magazine capacities of any assault shotgun on the market today. Only the Enfield AS-7 using its clunky drum magazine is larger. The Sledge also features integral smartgun electronics and smartchoke system as well as a recoil absorbing stock (rating 2) that helps with the punishing recoil.

(>) I must have been very good this year.
(>) Bunker

(>) I think the old guy in red is just getting less discriminating, that's all.
(>) Chivato

Winchester 550
Type: Shotgun Conceal: 2 Ammo: 8(m) Mode: SA
Damage: 9S Caliber: 12 gauge Weight: 4 Avail: 3/24 hrs
Cost: 800¥ Street Index: 1

Winchester designed the 550 shotgun specifically for police use. It is an autoloading 12-gauge shotgun that can also be cycled manually like any normal slide-action scattergun. The 550 has been around for a long time and has been changed over the years in order to incorporate advances in shotgun technology. The newest model features smartgun and smartchoke technology. This gun is rather popular outside of police service and can commonly be found in the hands of street toughs and store owners. StreetArms is proud to offer this weapon and will give a 5% discount to all orders of 5 or more.

(>) The nice thing about this one is that it swings almost exactly like a baseball bat. Hits a bit harder though.
(>) Pope

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