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SWO Guns II: Heavy Weapons

[download the PDF version]

Defiance Arms Light Machinegun
Type: LMG Conceal: N/A Ammo: 50(c),belt Mode: BF/FA
Damage: 7S Caliber: 5.5mm Weight: 8.5 Avail: 5/6 days
Cost: 2,000¥ Street Index: 2

The Defiance Arms LMG is a new lightweight machinegun that may give the Ingram Valiant and Ares MP-LMG a run for their money. Recently, this weapon was adopted as the general purpose MG for the Pueblo Defense Force. Features for the DA-LMG include a hip pad bracing system, robust feed system, and integral smartgun electronics.

(>) A chum o' mine on the PDF was telling me how much his squad's heavy troops like this one. Of course, we both had to laugh when he told me that that just means that they get to carry more ammo! Har!
(>) Bunker

(>) You have a buddy on the PDF? Bunker my friend, give me a call some time.
(>) Gabriel

Heckler & Koch GL-6
Type: GL Conceal: 2 Ammo: 6 Mode: SA
Damage: as Gren. Caliber: 30mm Weight: 6 Avail: 5/36 hrs
Cost: 1,500¥ Street Index: 3
H&K GL-6

StreetArms brings you another decades old design and reworks it for the streets of today. The H&K GL-6 is a very reliable revolver style 30mm grenade launcher with a folding stock. We at StreetArms added to it a rangefinder, grenade link, and Smartlink II hardware, as well as a cyber or manually controlled munitions selector that allows the operator to carry a mixed munitions load and select them very quickly. The GL-6 will fire all types of 30mm propelled grenades which are, of course, available through our catalog.

(>) Geez, I've been looking for something like this for the last year!
(>) Chains

(>) Well, I guess you just wasn't asking the right questions, now, was ya?
(>) Cactus Jack

IWS 40mm Rocket Rifle
Type: Rocket Launcher Conceal: N/A Ammo: 5(m) Mode: SA
Damage: Varies Caliber: 40mm Weight: 6.5 Avail: 14/14 days
Cost: 6,000¥ Street Index: 4

This year at the Paris Arms Show, IWS unveiled its 40mm Rocket Rifle. This revolutionary new weapon fires a small rocket not unlike those of normal rocket launchers except smaller. Where a normal rocket launcher might be too large, the rocket rifle is not much larger than a grenade launcher. In addition, the rifle has a 5 round magazine for sustained fire. The weapon gives fireteams the benefit of powerful munitions without the bulk of a full size rocket launcher and it may also fire laser-guided rockets with no modifications. The 2058 model features a smartlink and laser sight (for guidance). See our munitions section for a full list of available 40mm rockets. "IWS: They Got The BIG Stuff", and now We Got The BIG Stuff. Order now, they'll go fast!

Note: rules for guided rockets will be in the Munitions section.

(>) Woohoo! Now that is going to make a nice addition to several o' my drones, yessiree bob!
(>) Buck Naked

Type: Assault Cannon Conceal: N/A Ammo: 6(m) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 18D Caliber: 20mm Weight: 14 Avail: 12/14 days
Cost: 4,000¥ Street Index: 3

You want a big gun? Well, here ya go. Originally designed by an underground arms manufacturer in Germany, this gun pops up every once in awhile. The actual need for this sort of gun is still a mystery to us, but we aren't ones to question nature, human or any other. Our best guess is that it may have been designed for some kind of big game hunting, but other than that we just like it.

This is not a small gun by anyone's standards. It's big, a little cumbersome and a literal kick to fire, especially in the out-of-place burst mode. Legend has it that it got its name from a regicide somewhere in Europe (different sources place the king in question in different countries). That had to have been the messiest regicide ever.

It has a 6 round magazine, which provides enough ammo for two three-round bursts or 6 single shots. The frame is also designed with smartgun electronics in mind, which we have taken full advantage of. The shock pad is of the heavy duty variety and, believe you me, it's nice to have it there. That's it. There isn't too much to this gun, but we like it!

(>) Ya know, I've heard folks call this thing the "shoulder breaker" because of how hard the recoil is in burst mode. I had the need to use one once and had a good bruise for a couple weeks afterwards.
(>) Prophet

(>) Wuss.
(>) Bunker

Ares Mjolnir Assault System
Type: LMG/GL Conceal: N/A Ammo: belt/6(c) Mode: BF/FA / SA
Damage: 7S / as grenade Caliber: 5.5mm/25mm Weight: 17 Avail: 25/21 days
Cost: 8,000¥ Street Index: 4

The Mjolnir Assault System is an awesome weapon designed to provide mobile fireteams with the firepower necessary to deal with any situation that may materialize on the modern battlefield. The weapon consists of a 5.5mm minigun mated to a repeating 25mm minigrenade launcher. Both weapons of the system are equipped with smartgun electronics and the grenade launcher features a rangefinder and grenade link. The weapon is rather large and is to be carried by the team's LMG gunner with the aid of a gyromount. StreetArms will occasionally get a few of these in so contact your local representative for current information.

(>) Frag! This just keeps gettin' better an' better! Where does a fella put his stick?
(>) Buck Naked

(>) Geez, I sure hope he means his credstik...
(>) Chivato

IWS UA-42 Remote Sentry Weapon System
Type: HMG Conceal: N/A Ammo: 500(m) Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 10S Caliber: .50 BMG Weight: 35 Avail: 14/21 days
Cost: 30,000¥ Street Index: 5

The IWS RSWS was designed to compete with the Ares Sentry system. The UA-42 is an excellent system that mates the battle proven IWS GP-50 heavy machine gun with a very effective AI system for fire control. The software package on this system allows it to be used for autonomous sentry duty or as a remotely controlled gun platform. IWS will customize sensor packages on request and also produces a rigger-controlled version (+2,500¥). StreetArms is doing its best to secure a reliable supply of these systems but until then, check with your local board to determine availability.

IWS: They Got The Big Stuff, and now We Got The Big Stuff.

Note: The RSWS works exactly like the Ares Sentry system except that the gun is integral and may not be changed. All options for the Ares system may be purchased for the RSWS.

(>) Chums, the AI on this thing is smarter than some of the people I've had to run with. If you duck back around a corner, it knows you're still there and doesn't automatically go back to searching.
(>) Chivato

(>) The meanest one I've seen was also equipped with an ultra-sound sight set to passive.
(>) Espectro

Thunder 30mm Grenade Pistol
Type: GL Conceal: 3 Ammo: 1(br) Mode: SS
Damage: as grenade Caliber: 30mm Weight: 4 Avail: 5/36 hrs
Cost: 1,000¥ Street Index: 2
Thunder 30mm Grenade Pistol

The Thunder is a new twist on an old idea. Borrowing from turn of the century single shot grenade launchers and their ammunition, StreetArms has crafted a weapon that is not only effective but intimidating. Soon after release, we found out that it had become a favorite of orks and trolls looking for a huge handgun. We even specially designed shot rounds for it so that it could be used where explosive grenades may prove dangerous to the user. We also sell a complete line of grenades in 30mm that are made right in our factory. The Thunder is available as is or with a smartlink and rangefinder grenade link for extra accuracy at no loss of concealability.

(>) Now this would make a great stocking stuffer!
(>) Bunker

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